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Other N-Sided: Four
Sudoku PyraminxThe concept of Sudoku applied to a Pyraminx
Super PyraminxA Pyraminx which allows 60° turns.
Superchop TetrahedronThe first puzzle which supports two traditional axis systems (both deep cut) of a tetrahedron.

Tartan PyraminxThe concept of the Tartan Cube applied to the Pyraminx
Tetra Bandage pillowed v2A bandage cube (a bicube to be more precise) transformed into the shape of a Pillowed Mastermorphix.
Tetra-1A face-turning tetrahedron works like a superset of Master Pyraminx and F-Skewb. It has the shape of a Reuleaux Tetrahedron.

TetradiolarianThe Radiolarian 3 in shape of a tetrahedron.
TetragemAn elongated Dayan Gem VIII.
Tetrahedral KilominxA tetrahedral version of the Kilominx.

Tetrahedral Void SkewbA Void Skewb transformed into a tetrahedron but still with the holes from the Void Skewb.
Tetrahedron (Halpern-Meier-Tetrahedron)Another custom Skewb mod by Tony Fisher with a complicated history.
TetraStar (aka 24-Tetrahedron)A tetrahedral version of the Little Chop which is also known as 24-Cube.

TetraxisA Master Little Chop in shape of a tetrahedron.
Think Puzzles PyraminxA Pyramorphix which package does not mention this name. A high quality 2x2x2 production by Mefferts.
Toblerone PyraminxOne of the very few Pyraminxes with advertisement.

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