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Six-Sided: Cube (Shape Changing)
GigahexaminxA Gigaminx transformed into the shape of a pillowed hexahedron.
Golden Corner CubeA "Corner Cube" transformed into a Golden/Ghost Cube.
Golden Cube (Mini)The mini version of the Golden Cube

Golden Cube 2 Extreme?A sequel to Tony Fisher's classic puzzle, made by the inventor himself. It has some small differences to the original.
Greenhill's 1Another beautiful Square-1 mod by Anthony Greenhill.
Greenhill's CubeA 3x3x3 with tilted axis system.

Greenhill's Offset Square-1A Square-1 with an axes tilted inside its solid.
Half SkewbA piece shuffle between the traditional skewb and the Axis Skewb.
Helicopter SkewbA hybrid of Helicopter cube and Skewb. This puzzle brings jumbling to a new level.

HexaminxA Megaminx in shape of a hexahedron.
Hexaminx CrystalA Pyraminx Crystal designed from scratch to have the shape of a cube.
HexaUfoAn UFO hidden inside a hexahedral shape. Another transformation in the line of the creators GhostDodec's.

HexcubeA 2x3x3 reoriented in a strange way inside the shape of a cube.
Hexicle (cube)A hexagonal prism in shape of a cube.
Illusion 4x4x4 Fisher CubeA well known shape reimplemented with a black and white body and inversely coloured stickers.

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