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Twistypuzzles Chess Set
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A complete set of chess pieces, each designed to be a 2x2x2 with some special features.

Each piece of this chess set is a fully functional puzzle based on a 2x2x2 mechanism. Many of the pieces have additional features that makes them more than just regular 2x2x2s however.
- The king for example is a combination of twisty puzzle and assembly puzzle. Solving the 2x2x2 depends on an extra part that has to be inserted into the top. It can only be inserted if the top four visually similar pieces are in the correct position and that's by no means obvious.
- The Queen is a basic 2x2x2 but the crown has extremely subtle differences which will require glasses for any short sighted solver.
- The Knights have over hangs which can clash and block moves.
- The Bishop has similar over hangs.
- The Rooks are pretty straightforward and barely worth describing.
- There are 8 different pawn designs which are doubled up in the two colours.
The designs combine bandaging, over hangs and regular 2x2x2 type cubies. There are 13 different designs if one ignores colour differences.
Please refer to Tony's website to learn more about the individual puzzles.
Tony CADed them, printed one sample, duplicated them with polyurethane and glued them to a mass produced 2x2x2. The only exception was the knights. Tony hand sculptured those masters to make a point for himself.
See the link below for more details from Tony himself.
Image 3 shows the game after 5 moves. It seems to me as if the white player is trying a scholar's mate.



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