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Link Cube Plus
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A cubic version of the Coin Rhombic Dodecahedron with additional 2x2x2-turns.

The Link Cube Plus has four types of cuts: corner turns (image 3), edge turns (image 4), shallow face turns (image 5) and 2x2x2 turns (image 6). In another word, it is a Coin Rhombic Dodecahedron combined with a 2x2x2 transformed into the shape of a cube. Equivalently, it can be also be viewed as adding circles to the Clover 2x2x2.
The idea of this design is that each shallow cut on this puzzle corresponds to a ball of same radius, which makes every 2x2x2 corner resemble a Curvy Compino. In fact, the working name of this puzzle was Octo-Compino Cube. The cut pattern also resembles the Babylon Tablet.

The geometry of 2x2x2 + face turns + edge turns allows interaction of a face turn and an edge turn after a 45 2x2x2 turn. However, on the Link Cube Plus, face centres and edge centres are designed to have feet of different depth to prevent such interactions.

The inventor got the idea for this design from a paper on topology. The word link also has its meaning in topology (more specifically, in knot theory). As of writing this the Link Cube (without Plus) does not exists since the inventor wants to reserve that name for the puzzle without 2x2x2 cuts, which hasn't been implemented yet.

Edge Length: 70 mm
Weight: 200 grams



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