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Oliloy cube
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A 3x3x3 with two opposite truncated corners, together with its 3 surrounding edges and diagonal cuts in 6 edges and 6 corners.

This cube is a modified 3x3x3. Two opposite corners were truncated, together with the 3 edges that surround it. This gives two faces in the form of an equilateral triangle. The 6 other corners and the remaining 6 edges were cut diagonally, cutting the edges in half which results in flat edges and cutting the corners diagonally, which gives corners with two sides. The result of these cuts creates new faces in the cube. There are 6 faces in a rhomboidal shape and 6 isosceles triangle-shaped faces, in which each one contains in its centre an axis of rotation resulting in the 6 axes of rotation of the puzzle.
In summary, this cube has 2 equilateral triangular faces, 6 rhomboidal faces and 6 isosceles triangular faces, which results in a 14-sided prism.
The colour scheme was to put a colour using parts of two different faces (blue, red, green, orange) and putting different colors (purple, pink) on the triangular sides.



Thank you to the following people for their assistance in helping collect the information on this page: Leonardo Oli Loy.


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