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Binary Fused Cube
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The Fused Cube with another restriction. As a result only two faces are turnable at any given time.

The Binary Fused Cube is, as the name suggests, based on a 3x3x3 fused cube. Only three adjacent layers sharing a corner of the cube are free to turn as the opposite corner has been bandaged into a 2x2x2 block, reducing the puzzle to the subgroup. There are also windows cut into the three center pieces on the puzzle that highlight freedom of movement. Initially the white center shows an X printed inside, meaning that this center cannot turn.
However, once you start turning one of the two free layers, the internal X will move with it, and which layer becomes blocked depends entirely on the previous move!
The reasoning for the "binary" name in this puzzle is that doing any 90 degree turn on a free layer will "flip" which of the other two centers can turn and which one can't, like a binary switch. Also, like with the Binary Deep Cube (see the separate entry), any move leads to only one other layer on the puzzle that can be turned next and hence the turning restrictions are quite similar in feel.
Edge length: 60 mm
Weight: 75 grams



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