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Augmented Skewb
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A Skewb with additional piece but still only two functional layers per axis.

This puzzle is the fruit of a tree that was planted 8 years earlier. At that time Andreas Nortmann came up with the analysis of twistability and thereby found what he today calls ZHP = Zero volume holding point pieces.
The axis system of the skewb is the easiest example for this. Each axis has two functional layers. If one layer is choosen from each axis this leads to 16 different holding points: 6 face pieces, 8 corner pieces and 2 ZHPs.
Two years later Carl Hoff presented his idea of an augmented skewb. Augmented is the adjective Carl coined for any puzzle that has not only the traditional (aka RVP = Real Volume Pieces) but also all ZHPs of the underlying axis system. Back then he presented rendering of a tetrahedral puzzle. Another six years later he implemented the concept with a cubical shape.

The reduced squares are the faces known from the skewb.
The four sub-corners (under the connected corners) represent four of the corners known from the skewb.
The twelve segments (grouped in sets of three) represent the other four corners known from the skewb.
The corners act as two sets of pieces. These two sets represent the uncovered ZHPs.

Sadly the uncovered pieces almost don't add anything to solving the puzzle. If one compares the puzzle with the Super Skewb (a skewb with face pieces with visible orientations) the new pieces don't change the number of permutations and are automatically solved after the pieces representing the skewb corners are solved since these corners are linked to the new pieces like the faces of the 3x3x3 are linked to the core.
The mechanism is classified as "Crazy puzzle" due to the use of circular cuts.
Jason Gavril printed the puzzle with ABS and stickered it just four days after Carl finished the design.
Edge length: 60 mm
Weight: 120 grams



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