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Poison Ivy Octahedron
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An every-other corner turning curvy cut truncated octahedron.

The puzzle was conceived as an extension of the Ivy Cube theme. It is called poison ivy due to the faces with three leaves (similar to the plant of the same name). The black faces of the puzzle cannot be scrambled, and thus play no part in the puzzle. Turns can be made to exchange either one or two of the small "leaves" between the colored faces of the puzzle. Every move is jumbling.

Incidentally, this puzzle has very similar geometry to the Octacle Crystal puzzle, presented a short time earlier. In fact, it is essentially the exact same axis system, but with only half the axes.
Another interesting similarity with this puzzle is with the Face Turning Pyritohedron puzzle which has roughly the same axis system as the Poison Ivy octahedron.

Edge length: 25 mm
Diameter: 63 mm (hexagonal face to hexagonal face)
Weight: 113 grams



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