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A corner turning square pyramid. The first of its kind and a jumbling only axis system.

This is a corner turning Square Pyramid, the first implementation of the square pyramidal axis system which in turn is equivalent to a face turning pyramid. The designer took great care to place the origin such that a plane through the origin slicing through a bottom edge splits it exactly in two. The puzzle would work out without the origin being in the perfect spot, but the white (bottom) triangle tips would be different shapes than the upper tips. The designer prefers this puzzle as a non-shapeshifting puzzle.
This puzzle does shapeshift, but only in what I would consider to be interim moves. The only way to turn the top corner is to restore the shape of the puzzle.
The name CaTSuP was chosen after the abbreviation of Corner Turning Square Pyramid, CTSP, and then vowels were added to make it pronounceable. The supercube stickers were added because the inventor thinks that without them it woudn't be that challenging.
The puzzle was inspired by the series of Curvy puzzles from David Pitcher.
Edge length: 70 mm
Weight: 34 grams



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