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Superclick Cube
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A cube which requires a lot of force to be twisted. In contrast to the Workout cube it uses magnets instead of friction.

Superclick Cube is a cube with sixteen 12.7 mm diameter spherical magnets. There are placed in the corners and core. As each pair creates a force of 2.9 kilogram, making a turn requires 4 x 2,9 = 11.6 kg of force to the solver. This makes the puzzle good for training practices for speed cubing as it trains the muscles, but requires good dexterity at the same time.
Oskar even measured the torque needed to turn one face.
ca. 2.7 Nm for the Superclick Cube compared with 0.09 Nm for a traditional Rubiks Cube.

Oskar adapted the symbols from the Disorientation Cube. The pieces of the two puzzles are identical, except for the core. The holes in the core of the Superclick Cube are deep enough to hold a full ball, whereas they are at half-depth for the Disorientation Cube. The symbol represents the respective mechanisms, which are fairly similar from a technical point of view, but completely different from the functional point of view.
Edge length: 60 mm
Weight: 260 grams



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