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A puzzle which is based on the fourth dimensional symmetry (edge-transitivity) of the 4D polytope 8-cell (also known as Hypercube or Tesseract)

Abyss consists of different 3D projections of the 4D polytope 8-cell. It is based on the 4D structure known as Hypercube.

The Abyss is solved when it has the correct shape AND the correct color pattern. The correct shape is that of a small internal cube whose corners are connected to the corners of a large external cube. The correct color pattern is achieved by having all rods of the small internal cube (and subsequently of the large external cube) to be of the same color. There are two possible solved configurations,
(1) the external cube is black, and the internal cube is yellow, and
(2) the external cube is yellow and the internal is black.

The movement is done by elongating and contracting the telescopic rods such that corners pass through the faces.
In 2010 the inventor presented the first version of this puzzle with the name "Hyperion". One year later he presented the "Abyss" shown here. Both are identical but implemented with different connectors.



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