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Mayan Cube
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A 3x3x3 which implements a new way of bandaging. It makes use of many beautiful L-shaped pieces.

This puzzle is the successor of the Compass Cube which was presented by the same creator. On the Compass Cube, only the corners intersect. On this puzzle, corners intersect with edges, making the solution much harder. The concept can be generalized easily. The original version has two corners with three petals each.
Edge length: 57 mm
Weight: 100 grams

In 2019 Adam Ford started a collaboration with Evgeniy Grigoriev who then designed a series of three variants. Also Adam Ford renamed the puzzle "Corner Confusion Cube"
V1 (images 1-3) equals the original cube.
V2 (images 4-6) has six corners with one petal each.
V3 (images 7-9) has three corners with two petals each.
"Hybrid" (images 10-12) has all types: three corners with one petal, three corners with two petals, one corner with three petals and one corner without petals.

Versions V1-V3 were designed by Adam Ford. The "Hybrid" was designed by Evgeniy Grigoriev. Evgeniy offers DIY kit which allows one to create every possible variant.



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