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Kubche Rubche
Above:Original package
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A version of the 3x3x3 from the 1980s produced in bulgaria

This puzzle is named ????? ?????, transliterated Kubche Rubche which means Rubik's Cube.
Obviously during the cube craze some 3x3x3s were produced in bulgaria too. This is one sample of those cubes.
Please note the coarse surface of the stickers in image 4.
The cube inside the packaging has a different colour scheme (BYO instead of BOY) and special coarse stickers.
The original price given here is based on the theoretical exchange rate of communist times.

The texts on the boxes translate as follows:

Text 1:
Approved by the protocol
Retail price 7.50 BGL [Bulgarian Leva]
[The original price of this article based on the official exchange rate (7/6 Lew per dollar) although in socialist time this was completely theoretical.]
Letter [this is something like authorization for production] ? FD 99-00-40
Quality control [it means it has been approved by quality control checking]

Text 2:
LYUBCHO BARYMOV [=the name of the factory]
Samokov [=town in Bulgaria]

Text 3:
The Rubik's Cube is a pleasant logical game, aimed to develop the mental aptitudes and stereoscopic view of children and adults. The goal of the game is to arrange in the same color each of the 6 lateral faces by turning the cube in different directions. The player who can arrange one color in 15-20 sec. has good logical skills.
The inventor of the Cube is a Hungarian scientist Ern? Rubik. He defines his invention as follows: ''This cube is a game for children and adults who like to find a solution to problems and who like playing.''
We wish you good luck with this game!

Images 7-9 show a different package. Image 9 shows the two sides with scrambled state. Both have two edge pieces with red and yellow.



Thank you to the following people for their assistance in helping collect the information on this page: Andreas Nortmann.


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