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Rubik's Cheese - Rubik's Sajt Logikai Jatek
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A very rare collectors item from the eighties. One of the puzzles invented by Ern� Rubik himself.

  • Inventor: Ern? Rubik
  • Mechanism: Prism (1 layer)
  • Patents: GB2087245, YU263781, SE8106494, PT73941, NO813698, NL8104968, JP57131470, IT1142051, IE812621, IE520
  • Producer: Unknown
  • Year: 1989
  • Original Price: $0.00 USD
  • Current Price: $139.99 USD

Rubiks Cheese is a true collectors item which was invented by Ern� Rubiks himself, patented in 1980 (application date in Hungary) and produced in a low quantity in the eighties with hungarian texts only. Its original name is "Rubik's Sajt Logikai Jatek".
Diameter: 65 mm
Height: 32 mm

The packages back side translates to:
"Goal: With rotations you need to solve it's original states or one of the above states. It develops spacial visions, logical skills and color recognition. It can be used from 3 years old, but it makes adults thinking as as well."

This puzzle can be viewed as a predecessor to Rubiks Ufo. Compared with this later puzzle the Cheese is made of only one layer, although every piece consists of two colored halves. There are no more than 96 possible permutations for this puzzle. The mechanism uses a three-armed spider as core. The Skewb uses something similar but in 3D.

As if the producers wanted to increse the puzzle's future value even more they produced it in several differently colored versions: There is a version with purple halves and one with white halves. Some versions consist of three pairs of identically colored pieces while other have six all-different pieces.

The year given here is an upper bound, as some sources list it as a puzzle of the 1980s. The correct year is so far unknown.
It was never discussed in Singmaster Cube Circular (1981-1985)
but an article in MrPopHistory from 1983 announces (!) the puzzle for the next year. This puzzle is a very mysterious one!

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Sep 19 2021 $139.99 eBay Auction Average Missing Variant w/o white pieces; slightly discolored plastic; inner machanism a bit loose PuzzleAF



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