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A face turning icosahedron. Not the first one but the first to reveal the jumbling geometry of this type of puzzles.

Icosaix is a face turning icosahedron twisty puzzle. Some faces go over other faces while turning. The puzzle jumbles, resulting in some unexpected shape-shifting.

Many people have contributed to this puzzle, intellectually or otherwise.
Jason Smith and Bob Hearn independently designed and prototyped a face turning icosahedron early 2010.
Jared B. McComb suggested the overhanging corners.
Matt Galla discovered that the face turning icosahedron geometry jumbles.
Bob Hearn stimulated Oskar to keep pursuing this design.
Jason Smith introduced the mushroomed core for stability.
Eric Vergo shared his Pentagram design for inspiration.
Eric Vergo helped Oskar to get the clearances right.
Sky Zangas introduced Oskar in silicone lubricating twisty puzzles.
Shapeways did the 3D printing.
Dr. Sticker supplied the stickers.

It might be asked why Oskar van Deventer is credited as inventor:
His main contribution to this design are the "steps" in the defining curve of the puzzle, which result in consistent hidden "filler" pieces that keep the corner pieces stably in place. The close-up photo below shows a filler piece, which becomes visible only midway turns. Of course, Oskar did also all 3D designing and prototyping. Another innovation is the split core. One of the 20 screws is very long and holds the two hemispherical core pieces together. For the final assembly, Oskar just had to release that screw a bit to have the final pieces fit and, and then tighten it again. Finally, after two failed prototypes, Oskar managed to build an Icosaix prototype that works.
Edge length: 46 mm
Weight: 138 grams

Beginning in 2015 MF8 published a mass produced version, including a version with ice green body, and one with yellow transparent body.
This version attended the design competition during IPP35 in 2015.



Thank you to the following people for their assistance in helping collect the information on this page: Andreas Nortmann, Brandon Enright.


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