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Bandaged 3
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A bandaged 3x3x3 with 3 corner-edge-blocks in a symmetric pattern.

This is an easily made bandaged 3x3x3. Compared with the famous bandaged cube from Meffert this variant still has several unbandaged pieces and has therefore all the tasks of an unchanged 3x3x3:
-Permutation and orientation of corners
-Permutation and orientation of edges.
In addition the three corner-edge-blocks need to be permuted correctly.
This variant has 2708884684800 permutations which is 1/15966720th of the original 3x3x3's number.

Although Hidetoshi Takeji reinvented this variant in 2009 he was not the first one. Sometime before 2000 Dieter Gebhardt investigated several bandaged 3x3x3s, wrote several articles for CFF (Cubism for Fun) about them and even wrote a self-published book.

In 2011 mass production of this variant was started. These variants are quite easy to build. All which has to be done is to take a 3x3x3 and glue the appropriate tiles on them. Nothing more has been done here. See images 5-6.
Edge length: 58 mm
Weight: 98 grams

In 2010 Felix Ouchon presented a slightly different design but his variant and the one of Hidetoshi are equivalent since they can be transformed into each other just by twisting and restickering them.



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