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Qubami 3x3x3
Above:Purple body
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A 3x3x3 combined with the concept of Sudoku. A puzzle with two solutions.

  • Inventor: Kelvin Stott
  • Mechanism: 3x3x3
  • Patents: WO2007085878; US12/161727; EP1976604; CA2640074; A
  • Producer: Kelvin Stott
  • Year: 2009
  • Original Price: $35.00 USD
  • Current Price: No Data

Qubami is a 3D twisting sudoku cube puzzle based on the mechanism of Rubik's Cube. The puzzle has only 3 colours instead of 6 (red/magenta, yellow and blue/cyan), and 3 different symbols (O, X and dot), and begins in a semi-ordered starting state with each colour covering two sides, and the 3 symbols distributed in a specific but more disordered state. See images 1-3, 6.
The goal is to find a pattern, so that only one copy of each colour and one copy of each symbol lies on every row and every column of blocks (rather like sudoku) on all six faces of the puzzle. See images 4-5.
Each Qubami puzzle has over 43 million trillion permutations, but only one unique secret sudoku solution that is not explicitly defined and must be deduced by sudoku-like logic for each individual puzzle. This makes the puzzle extremely difficult because one has to work out where each block goes in the final solution, as well as how to get it there, however the puzzle can also be solved by colour, or by symbol alone (in either ordered or sudoku states), providing several intermediate alternative challenges.
Regarding the physical product and design, the puzzle is high quality with rounded ABS plastic cubies that ensure smooth turning with significant corner cutting capabilities, and polyurethane domed metallic labels which provide good grip and complete the full-rounded organic quality look and feel of the puzzle.
It is available in at least three body colours: Purple (images 1-3), black (images 3-5) and silver (image 6).
This puzzle attended the design competition during IPP30 in 2010.
Edge length: 59 mm
Weight: 132 grams



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