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The deepcut face turning dodecahedron.

This is the implementation of the deepcut face turning dodecahedron. It was also called the dodecahedral Skewb since all faces of the dodecahedron are cut into pieces similar to the skewb.
In theory this puzzle has been known for a very long time but it has not been realized before 2008. Version was made back then as a single sample.
Edge length: 50 mm

Another single puzzles were made with improved mechanisms in December 2009 (Version 2) and February 2010 (Version 2.5).
Edge length: 40 mm

Starting October 2010 Tom van der Zanden (with permission of the inventor) placed another design (version 3) of the Pentultimate on Shapeways. Tom's design is a three-layer face turning dodecahedron which contains all types of pieces this geometry allows although only the ones from the Pentultimate are visible to the outside. It is also known as "Mini Pentultimate". Image 7 demonstrates its size.
Edge length: 25 mm

Beginning in November 2017 MF8 produced a variant of their Void Pentultimate. The puzzle doesn't have the removable caps like the Void Master Pentultimate and it's different from the Void Pentultimate, so it is a true Pentultimate and is therefore the first mass produced version of it. The body was coloured in transparent yellow and they didn't release other colours.
Size : 90 x 110 x 120 mm
Weight (with packaging): ca. 400 grams



Thank you to the following people for their assistance in helping collect the information on this page: Andreas Nortmann, fbgrac.


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