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Crazy 4x4x4 II
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The next logical step after the Crazy 4x4x4. A very clever implementation of the Super Crazy 4x4x4.

After the Crazy 4x4x4 went into production its inventor made the next step with this puzzle. It looks similar to its ancestor with the same name but the circles have a greater radius. This hides the faces of the original 4x4x4 and unveiled another set of pieces.
From the solving point of view this puzzle is an implementation of the Super Crazy 4x4x4. The differences to a normal 4x4x4 are:
The pieces of the inner 2x2x2 are unveiled.
All faces of the original 4x4x4 are still there and this time they are distinguishable.
The new segment pieces are indeed not new (in terms of solving) but sets two of them behave as if they were connected and together they behave as if they were the now hidden faces. See the fifth image.
Edge length: 67 mm
Weight: 190 grams



Thank you to the following people for their assistance in helping collect the information on this page: Andreas Nortmann.


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