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The face turning dodecahedron with two layers per face. A Megaminx with an additional layer on each face.

The first wannabe-Gigaminx was presented as an April-fools-joke in 2005. It was a well-photoshopped image of a megaminx. Not really a puzzle this created a run for the first working Gigaminx.

The first working Gigaminx was eventually built by Tyler Fox in 5th September 2006. The V1 was large and a bit unstable but functional and a historic achievement.
Since then Tyler's V2 Gigaminx improved on this by using a V-Cube like design and was smaller and more stable. That design was completed in December 2007 and the parts were printed in January 2008.

An even smaller design (version 1.5) was completed by Andrew Cormier on 10 June 2008.
At least one other Gigaminx have been designed afterwards, namely Adam Cowan's design built by Aleh Hladzilin (V-Cube inspired, the second design and first stable Gigaminx).

In 2009 this puzzle became available to everyone after Cube4You had started mass production.
Edge length: 95 mm
Weight: 328 grams

Image 5 shows all four versions: Tyler V1, Tyler V2, Cormier V1.5, Mass produced.

Other producers followed with their versions as the one from Mf8 shown in image 7. First it was sold in its own package. Later another package followed that was used for four different dodecahedral puzzles: Gigaminx, Master Kilominx, Helicopter Dodecahedron and Dino Dodecahedron (under its misleading name: Starminx)

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Mar 9 2009 $700.00 Other Excellent N/A Garrett Ong's v1.5 sold on ejisfun



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