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P.G. Continental Inc.
Aggie Puzzle, TheA good quality all-red novelty cube.
Initial EA key chain 3x3x3 from a wellknown taiwanese knock-off-producer. All stickers covered with the letter E.
Magic Octahedron (P.G. Continental)The P.G. Continental version.

Octagonal Prism (P.G.Co. Puzzle)Probably an official reproduction of the Rubik's Cube.
P.G. Co Puzzle Snake Key ChainCame in four different colours.
P.G.Co Puzzle SnakeSold in Blue, Red and Green.

P.G.Co. PuzzleProbably an official reproduction of the Rubik's Cube. Was also made with white body.
P.G.Co. Puzzle (circular stickers)A cube from original cube craze with transparent body and circular stickers.
P.G.Co. Puzzle Key ChainThe keychain version of the reproduced version.

Pyramid P.G.Co PuzzleA high quality repackaging of the Pyraminx.
Truncated Cube (P.G.CO)A truncated Cube, maybe the legitimate version.
Whip-It 3x6 (P.G.Co. Puzzle)Another version of Whip-It. This one ran under the label of P.G.Co.

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