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Daniel Martin Ramos Aguila
150 Slide puzzleBig slide puzzle whit 150 tiles
169 Puzzle (13x13) SlideGigantic version of Lloyd's slide puzzle.
1x1x3 Burger CubeAn improved version of the Screwball. The top and down parts of the puzzle can be rotated independently.

1x1x3 Crystal TilesIs a stupid puzzle transparent version with tiles of 3D imprint
25 slide (5x5 Puzzle)Is a 25 puzzle made of wooden and 3D print tiles
2x2x4 AI cylinderA bandaged 4x4x4 in shape of a cylinder. The bandaging pattern is similar but not identical to the AI cube.

2x2x6 AI cubeA bandaged 6x6x6, emulating the pattern of the SPHINX small HS 2x2+4x4.
49 puzzle (7x7 slide)Not a 15-puzzle but a 49-puzzle. Custom made.
64 Puzzle (8x8) slideFour of the wellknown fifteen-puzzles combined into a single bigger puzzle.

Baby Slide puzzleOne of the wellknown 15-puzzles customly reduced of four pieces.
Bandaged fisher cubeA Fisher Cube bandaged like Meffert's classic bandaged cube.
Bandaged mirrorA mirror cube bandaged in a pattern equivalent to the wellknow bandaged cube.

Bump 1x1x3 pinkStupid bumped version of one of the simplest puzzles ever made
Crazy Helix CubeThis cube is made inspired by the crazy yileng (a mass produced fisher cube mod) but is made of a cube 3x3x3.
Displaced House 3x3x3A house modelled out of a Fisher Cube.

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