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OctoidThree axes with 180� turns each in a doctrinaire puzzle.
Octosaurus (eight-coloured Dino)An eight colour Dino cube
Octosaurus RexThe hexahedron equivalent of a Face-turning Octahedron based on a 'Super Ivy' Rex cube from QiYi

Offset Clover CubeThe Clover Cube made into an edge turning puzzle that is jumbling only.
One directionA 3x3x3 with white stickers on two sides and arrows pointing into one direction on the other four.
One or TwoA 5x5x5 bandaged on all eight corners and on eight edges.

Organic Heart 2x2x2A Ghost 2x2x2 in shape of a Heart, resembling the organ.
Panex DuoA doubled version of the classic Panex with five columns and an empty one.
Panex GalaxyA redesigned version of the classic Panex with three columns and an empty one.

Panex JuniorA simplified version of the original Panex with two columns.
Pennywise 3x3x3A 3x3x3 remodeled after the character from the movie It.
Penrose BicubeA bandaged cube shaped like the Penrose Cube.

Penrose BihedronA Void Cube truncated down to just two sides with readded face pieces.
Penrose moidLooks like a megamoid but with twelve working sides and a different shape.
Penta Mixup GimmickThe Penta Mixup Wall made simpler.

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