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Rusty TowerA remake of the Babylon tower but with bandaged grooves.
Schildkröte3D-printed pieces glued onto a 1x2x3 giving it the shape of a turtle.
Secret tutorial for magic cubesThe QiYi Secret Tutorial Book is an almost comprehensive guide to solving twisty puzzles.

Seed 33 layer cheese in the shape of the Seed.
Self Solving Rubik's CubeA 3x3x3 that solves itself.
Semi fischer 5x5x5A 5x5x5 of which three layers have been turned and reshaped to fit the unchanged top and bottom layers.

Seven cubeThe Compy Skewb plus trivial tips.
Shallow Octagonal PrismA shallower cut Octaprism. The different cutting depth unveils the faces and edge pieces.
Shatter-6A fishered Fracture-6.

SHIFT-SANITY - 7x9x11 ULTIMATE SHAPE SHIFTER CUBOIDDesigned to be the ultimate shape shifter cuboid.
ShurikenA shape variant of the unbandaged Helicopter Skewb.
SIABRYTwo bandaged 3x3x3s with one 2x2x2-block each and some additional block.

SiriusTwo intersecting circles with 147 pieces, named after the brightest binary star system on the sky.
Sisyphus' StoneHexagonal prism with jumbling moves shaped as a ball.
Sixcylinder Megaminx V5Six cylinders joined in one solid. Oriented in another different way.

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