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Eight-Sided: Octahedron
Pillowed Octahedron (Megaminx)The second megaminx in octahedral shape. This one was made in CAD with a pillowed shape.
Polka-Diamond (aka Okki)A small octahedron-shaped 2x2x2.
Professor Greenhills OctahedronA 5x5x5 truncated and extended into the higher order equivalent of Greenhills octahedron.

Professor OctaminxA 7x7x7 transformed into the shape of an octahedron but with several pieces left out.
Projective Dino OctaA Dino Octa where turns are reduced to slice turns only. The stickers are choosen appropriately with opposing sides stickered equally.
QJ OctahedronA 3x3x3 in shape of a non platonic octahedron.

Radio 3 OctahedronA Radiolarian 3 (a face turning icosahedron) redesigned to have the shape of an octahedron.
Rainbow 9-axes OctahedronA nine-axes turning octahedron, using a geometry developed by Diogo Sousa.
Rainbow octahedronA rainbow cube with the squares "deleted" by extensions.

Rob's OctahedronAn octahedral variant of Rob's Pyraminx
Royal OctahedronNot the first puzzle with the axis system of a corner turning cube and five logical layers. But it is the first one in shape of an octahedron.
Shadow OctahedronA Face turning tetragonal trapezohedron in the shape of an octahedron and with two additional doctrinaire cuts on the top and bottom corners.

Sharp Octahedron (Sharp Edges 154000AA000)A 3x3x3 truncated on eight edges and afterwards extended. The result has a shape of an non-regular octahedron.
Silver BirdA ghosted 1x2x3 in shape of an octahedron.
Skewb DiamondMeffert's build-up and truncation of a Skewb into an octahedron.

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