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Six-Sided: Cube (Shape Preserving)
WonderZA bandaged version of the WonderZ
World Skewb (228 mm)A giant skewb (fourfold edge length of the original skewb) with stickers customized after the pattern of Hexa World.
X-Box CubeA contour cut variant of the previous Circle-X Cube and Lucky Clover Cube.

XO CubeA Dino Cube with a cage as visible core.
XOteric 2x2x2Looks like a Circle 2x2x2 but is a 2x2x2 with the Triwalls as additional piece types.
Y CubeThe reduced version of the iX Cube. A hybrid of a 2x2x2 with a reduced set of possible corner turns.

Zock CubeA cubical 2x2x3 which solved position is a midturn state. This one was made before the 2x2x3 was mass produced.
Zygmunt's CubeA hybrid puzzle combining a 2x2x2 with an edge turning layer of additional pieces.
iX CubeA redesigned Super X with internals corners that have visible orientation.

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