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Six-Sided: Cube (Shape Preserving)
Super Ivy Eye (IVI)Additional cuts and stickering on an Ivy Eye raises the complexity of the Ivy Cube (Eye Skewb) to that of a Skewb Ultimate
Super Ivy RexSuper stickering scheme applied to a Super Ivy (QiYi), essentially a Rex cube.
Super MA hybrid puzzle combining the Dino Cube, the Skewb (thereby reimplementing the Dino Skewb) and the 2x2x2.

Super RexA Helicopter Cube truncated into a cylinder except for the four tips.
Super Simple Overlapping CubeThe Simple Overlapping Cube with the stickering scheme of the Ultimate Cube
Super Simple Overlapping Cube (8 colors)A Simple Overlapping Cube stickered like he 8 Color Cube

Super Six SpotThe mass produced version with two different custom sticker scheme to expose the orientations of the circles.
Super Six Spots PlusA corner turning hexahedron. Similar to the Skewby Duo but with a different outer cut pattern and stickers to indicate the orientation of the centres.
Super XThe first puzzle with a hybrid axis system. This combines face turning and corner turning hexahedron in one puzzle.

Super Z (Skewb + 2x2x2)A hybrid between 2x2x2 and skewb. Two deepcut axis systems in one puzzle.
TIE CubeA 3x3x3 resembling the TIE fighters from Star Wars. Due to its pieces shapes it implements a subgroup of the 3x3x3.
Tangram CubeA triangular prism transformed into a cube but with six identically looking sides.

TempestA skewb painted to resemble a maze and the works of Kandinsky.
Treasure SkewbThe concept of the Treasure Chest adapted to a Skewb.
Tribute (Dino) CubeA 3D-printed Dino Cube hand-assembled by future-owners during IPP 31.

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