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Six-Sided: Cube (Shape Preserving)
JAMmed 512 CubeA uniquely bandaged 5x5x5 using the 'JAMmed' configuration
Jr. Heli-SkewbA hybrid that combines three axis systems: 2x2x2, Skewb and Helicopter Cube.
Junior Flower CopterThe simplest possible hybrid of corner and edge turning cube.

KantikubA puzzle combining the Mixup Cube with a crazy cube and an edge turning cube.
Kite StarA 3x3x3 with distorted but regular pieces.
Krystian's CubeA 2x2x2 with a twist that defies all attempts of classifying.

Ladder CubeA hybrid of corner turning (skewb) and edge turning (very shallow) hexahedron.
Lattice CubeCould be thought of as a Master Dino Cube.
Lattice XA hybrid puzzle of Super-X and Lattice Cube

Link Cube PlusA cubic version of the Coin Rhombic Dodecahedron with additional 2x2x2-turns.
Lite Pandora CubeA 3x3x3 with edges rendered into invisibility.
Little Chop (aka 24-Cube)THE deepcut edge turning hexahedron.

Lollipop CubeA centre-less 3x3x3 in a strange design.
Los Monstruos de GuillermoA Coin Cube customly painted with three monsters from movies Guillermo del Toro.
Lucky Clover CubeA contour cut variant of Oskar's Redi Cube.

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