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Six-Sided: Cube (Shape Preserving)
Giant SkewbA skewb with 120 mm edge length.
Greenhill's 1Another beautiful Square-1 mod by Anthony Greenhill.
Grilles Cube IIA cube that allows face turns and corner turns in two depths.

Half CompinoA combination of Dino Cube and Curvy Compino. A non-bandaged puzzle.
Half Helicopter 2x2x2The Helicopter + 2x2x2 but with only four edge turns.
HaoYan CubeA Master Skewb combined with a 2x2x2 and strange jumbling turns.

HaoYan Cube PlusAn Elite Skewb combined with a 2x2x2 and strange jumbling turns.
HeliDoctre CubeA Helicopter Cube that can't jumble.
HeliO CubeA Helicopter Cube with a cage as visible core.

Helicopter + 2x2x2A hybrid puzzle which combines the Helicopter Cube with the 2x2x2.
Helicopter + 3x3x3A hybrid puzzle closely related to Dayan Gem II but with some different pieces and with cubic shape.
Helicopter Cube (aka Bevel Cube)The first edge turning hexahedron, now a classic puzzle.

Helicopter SkewbA hybrid of Helicopter cube and Skewb. This puzzle brings jumbling to a new level.
Heritombo CubeA shallower cut variant of the Helicopter Cube with straight cuts that reveals the edge centers and face centers.
Hidden Edge DinoA Rainbow Cube which corners have visible orientation and which pretends to be a 2x2x2.

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