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Six-Sided: Cube (Shape Preserving)
Dodecahedron in a CubeA dodecahedral 3x3x3 (a truncated puzzle) extended to be a cube again.
Double Circle Real 6x6x6A real 6x6x6, a 6x6x6 where you also have to solve the inner 4x4x4 and the 2x2x2 inside of it.
Double Coner 3x3x3A cube with a hybrid axis system that combines two face turn cuts with five corner turn cuts.

Double Crazy CubeA Crazy 3x3x3 with 2 circles on each face.
Double Layered 2x3x3A 2x3x3 with an inner layer revealed.
Double SkewbA Skewb combines with an underlying Pyraminx.

Dreidel Curvy CopterA hybrid of corner turning and edge turning cube. The edge turns are only possible when the corners are placed in midturn.
Dreidel SkewbAn edgeless Master Skewb.
Dual 3x3x3Two 3x3x3s in one puzzle with some sides of both parts connected. Five different versions were produced.

Dual SkewbTwo skewbs built over each other to implement a rarely seen piece type instead of the non-present traditional faces pieces.
Earth chop bandagedA bandaged little chop with a sticker design of the earth globe.
Edgeless 4x4x4A 4x4x4 without edges.

Edgeless Super IvyA striaghtforward shape transformation of the Super Ivy. The designer simply removed the edge pieces.
EdgeosaurusDino with two-colour edges split vertically
Edges Only CubeA 3x3x3 with the corners made invisible.

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