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Six-Sided: Cube (Shape Preserving)
Cubic 3x3x9 IIThe cousin of Cubic 3x3x9. All of its faces are split up. A cuboid out of a series of cubes that behave like a bandaged 9x9x9.
Cubic 3x5x7 IIA cubic 3x5x7 3D-printed from scratch as if it was bandaged 8x8x8.
Cubic 4x4x5 IAnother 4x4x5 but truncated into the shape of a hexahedron.

Cubic 4x4x5 IIIA puzzle made up by mixing an 4x4x4 of Eastsheen and a mass produced 4x4x5. It does NOT change its shape.
Cubic 4x4x8 IIA cube behaving like a bandaged 8x8x8. All face pieces are split up.
Cubic Master PyraminxA Master Pyraminx turned into midturn state and then modified into the shape of a cube.

Cubic ToruAn edge turning hexahedron designed to resemble one of the inventors earlier puzzles.
Cubic Void 2x3x3A Void Cube with one layer hidden.
CubominxA Tetraminx transformed into hexahedral shape.

Curvy CompinoA Redi Cube with curvy cuts although not designed by the designer of the Redi Cube.
Curvy Confusion CubeFour variants of the generalized Compass Cube.
Curvy CopterA variation on the Helicopter Cube that uses curved cuts to reveal the otherwise hidden centerpieces.

Curvy Copter ExtremeA cube with hybrid axis system combining the turns of the skewb and a shallow curvy copter.
Curvy Copter IIA deeper cut version of the Curvy Copter which results in a different set of pieces.
Curvy Copter IIIAn edge turning hexahedron with cuttings depths somewhere between Curvy Copter and Curvy Copter II.

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