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Moving: Tiles
Mystic I.Q. Ball (aka Chromo Ball, Chromosix)The tiles slide on three tracks, like the Equator or Hungarian Globe, but the coloured disks (and five tiles) rotate as well.
NEONA bandaging circle puzzle, similar in concept to "Battle Gears".
Net Block UFORotate the top/bottom half, then spin each half of a sphere to scramble the puzzle.

Number CrossTwo intersecting plungers with twelve moveable tiles.
Number swingTwo circles with 10 segments connected by two circles which can transfer pieces between the big ones.
OctedronSeven pyramids in a transparent sphere moved by rotating the sphere to let the pyramids flip into the single hole.

OlimpicA custom built puzzle with an Olympic Rings theme.
Olympic GeraniumA version of Geranium with five circles in a pattern similar to the olympic rings.
Olympic Rings (circles)Five intersecting circles with a puzzle theme based on the Olympic Rings.

Orbital PuzzleThree intersecting rings in a 2D-puzzle of soviet origin.
OrionA puzzle with 25 circles and 60 pieces.
Orion (Mako)Six intersecting circles rotatable in steps of 120

Orion-14Four intersecting circles (in steps of 90) in a 2D-puzzle of soviet origin.
Orlov fourThe successor of the Orlov with four gears, even with the same middle pieces.
Orlov gearInspired by the gear puzzles from Douglas Engel. Three circles and irregular center pieces.

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