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Moving: Tiles
Battle GearsA puzzle with intersecting circles and bandaged pieces. Produced in low quantity in seven different variants.
BinocoolarThree circles in different sizes. The two big ones rotate connected by gears.
Bram's SquareA puzzle which combines intersecting plungers with rotations of large portions.

Bubbles in a planeA 2D-puzzle that works only because it was fudged and still it demonstrates jumbling.
Buzzle Ball14 pieces rotating on a sphere divided in 3 (!) distinct layers.
CalendulaThree circles intersecting each other like the Arusloky.

Calendula VFour circles intersecting each other like the Arusloky.
CapellaA hard jumbling intersecting circle puzzle.
CapriciousSix circles that intersect at two different depths.

CastorOne circle on the inside and five circles on the outside form a complex puzzle, derived from a theory-ladden concept.
ChileTwo intersecting plungers and one circle intersecting with each.
Chromosix Colour Ball (aka Cromoball, Mystic I.Q. Ball)This version has no markings. Simply solve by colour.

Chromosix Number Ball (aka Cromoball, aka Mystic I.Q. Ball)This version has the numbers one through five on each of the six faces.
Circle PuzzleFour intersecting circles with fourfold symmetry.
Circle Puzzle - MastercardTwo intersecting circles with a fourfold symmetry.

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