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Customly 3D-printed
Angry Bird 2x2x2A 2x2x2 resembling the namegiving comic character
Anti Penta TowerA pentagonal prism with an elaborate shape that fits this symmetry.
AreciboA two dimensional version of the Radiolarian 3 or a bandaged variant of the Sirius.

Asymmetrical BarrelA 3x3x3 skewed within its cylindrical shape.
Asymmetrical Dreidel 2x2x2A hybrid puzzle which combines the asymmetrical Dino 2x2x2 the Dreidel 3x3x3.
AtlasminxA face turning dodecahedron with 9 (!) cuts parallel to each side.

Augmented SkewbA Skewb with additional piece but still only two functional layers per axis.
Aurora OctahedronThe Aurora Cube transformed into the shape of an octahedron.
Axis Barrel 5x5x5A 5x5x5 axised and truncated into the shape of a barrel.

Axis CheeseAn "axised" version of Rubik's Cheese.
Axis Compino CubeThe Curvy Compino transformed like an Axis Cube.
Axis DodecahedronA dodecahedron 3x3x3 "axised" within its solid.

Axis Icosahedron IIAn icosahedral 3x3x3 "axised" within its solid.
Axis of InsanityThe concept of the Axis Cube applied to the Crazy 3x3x3.
Axis TetrahedronA tetrahedral 3x3x3 "axised" within its solid.

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