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Customly 3D-printed
SunburstA hybrid puzzle with axis system of a corner and face turning hexahedron in the shape of a tetrakis hexahedron.
SunlightThe Coin Cube in shape of a Tetrakis hexahedron.
SunrayA Tetrakis Hexahedron with the hybrid axis system of face- and edge turning cube.

SunshineA corner turning triakis tetrahedron that is equivalent to a corner turning hexahedron with non-equidistant cuts.
Super AstrolabacusA custom printed Astrolabacus with numbers on every marble.
Super Coin 1x2x2A 1x2x2 with four additional almost trivial layers.

Super LooperThree circles on one line, each allowing 180 turns with deeper intersections.
Super Six Spots PlusA corner turning hexahedron. Similar to the Skewby Duo but with a different outer cut pattern and stickers to indicate the orientation of the centres.
Synchro LoopOne ring of marbles with two circles that always turn together.

Szilassi 1x2x3A 1x2x3 in shape of the Szilassi Polyhedron.
Tangle SphereA cornerless Cube with six rubber bands connecting opposite edges.
Tangram BlockA trivial puzzle which can reach funny states. The tangram block can bandage on some moves.

Tencylinder Megaminx V1Ten cylinders joined in one solid by extensions.
Tencylinder Megaminx V10Ten cylinders joined in one solid by extensions.
Tencylinder Megaminx V11Ten cylinders joined in one solid by truncations only.

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