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Customly 3D-printed
MinimorphixThis is a shape mod of a 1x2x3 in the form of a tetrahedron.
Mirror 1x2x3 SplitA mirrored (aka: bumped) version of the Split 1x2x3
Mirror Chest SkewbA Treasure Skewb transformed into a "bump"ed variant.

Mirror Meteor MadnessThe bumped version of the Meteor Madness.
Mirror Pentagonal PrismA bumped version of the pentagonal prism with three layers.
Mirror PresentA bumped 2x2x2 with a 3d-printed package that can be used only with the second solution.

Mirror Square-1The concepts of Mirror Blocks and Square combined in one puzzle.
Mirror Triangular PrismA bumped version of the triangular prism with three layers.
Mixed Confusion CubeDifferent concepts of bandaging a 3x3x3 fused into one variant.

Mixup Triangular PrismThe "Trimixup prism" in shape of a hexagonal prism.
Möbius LoopOne (!) ring of marbles plus one rotation.
Modular Crazy PlanetsAnother crazy 3x3x3 but one which can easily emulate the whole series of eight puzzles.

Monkey-Cat cubeA simple hybrid combining two symmetrical cuts of corner turning hexahedron with three copter cuts.
Monolith of TimeA 2x2x3 with two circles instead of two additional layers. Partially bandaged.
Moon MasterballA rail-less one-layered Masterball.

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