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Crazy Puzzle (other)
Crazy 1x2x3The crazy variant of the 1x2x3.
Crazy 1x2x3 IIA crazy 1x2x3 with circles on the 1x3 sides. One circle is moving, the other is fixed.
Crazy 1x3x3A 1x3x3 with four circles on the short sides, two fixed to the surrounded sides, two non-fixed.

Crazy 2x2x3A 2x2x3 in hexahedral shape with circles on all six faces.
Crazy 2x3x3 (3 circles)A 2x3x3 in hexahedral shape with circles on all six faces.
Crazy 2x3x3 IIA 2x3x3 with circles on the 2x3 faces.

Crazy 5-Layers Pentahedron PuzzleA derivative of the Triangular Prism with five layers and circles in the three rectangular faces.
Crazy Dino CubeA Dino Cube with with circles in the corners.
Crazy DodeRhombusA variant of the DodeRhombus with circles on each face.

Crazy Face Turning OctahedronA face turning octahedron with circles integrated into all eight sides.
Crazy FTRD - ErisCrazy FTRD configured in the only possible setup where the three "1" faces do not intersect.
Crazy FTRD - PlutoA circle FTRD (face turning rhombic dodecahedron) with a mix of "1" and "0" faces.

Crazy IcosahedronA face turning icosahedron (comparable to Radio Canon) with circles on the faces.
Crazy Junior BarrelThe Crazy-variant of the Junior Pyraminx Magic Barrel.
Crazy Master PyraminxA Master Pyraminx with circles on all four sides. It allows four different configurations.

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