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Grégoire Pfennig
Morning SliceA stellated dodecahedron with the axis system of a face turning icosahedron.
Morning StarCould be viewed as a shape variant of a Cross Starminx I but it has five logical layers.
Multi-24-CubeThe concept of the Multi-Puzzles applied to a 24 cube.

Multi-SkewbYears after the Multi-Dodecahedron the same concept for the corner turning cubes was realized.
Octa DominoAn octagonal prism with two layers.
OctaBallPrismAn almost spherical octagonal prism with three layers.

OctaPrism (1 layer)An octagonal prism one layer high.
OctaPrism (3 layer)An octagonal prism three layers high.
OctacleThe concept of the Trifurcation Cube applied to an octahedron.

Octacle CrystalA deeper cut version of the Octacle (from the same designer)
Octahedron 7x7x7A 7x7x7 in shape of an octahedron.
Octahedron StarminxA Starminx I in shape of an octahedron

OrchidA puzzle with multiple origins, nineteen different moves in three different sets.
PentaballA pentagonal prism in shape of a sphere.
PentexAn edge turning pentagonal prism. A jumbling-only puzzle.

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