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Massage Ball for the Blind - Japanese Edition (Crushed Box)

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DISCOUNT REASON: Although the puzzle itself is in perfect working order, the box was damaged during shipping. Only buy this item if you don't care too much about the condition of the original box.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a one-off discounted copy of this product. See the original here.

This vintage Japanese edition of the Massage Ball can be solved blind, since each tile colour has a distinct number of bumps on it. Red has 1, orange 2, yellow 3, green 4, light blue 5, dark blue 6, and purple 7. Each colour has five tiles except green which only has one and which resides at one "pole" when the puzzle is solved. Solve the puzzle by sliding the tiles around in their circular tracks. Comes in its original cardboard box with a full-colour instruction sheet and a safety warning sheet, all printed in Japanese.

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