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Moderator Instructions
Where to Begin

From the "More" menu, click "Help Wanted: Contribute!", then click on the last option: "Maintain the Databases". Alternatively, you can add a bookmark or navigate directly to the maintenance section:

Regardless of how you attempt to get there, if have not logged in recently you will be asked to login using your forum username and password.

Once you are logged in, you will see the main maintenance screen. By default, it will show you all the sections you have rights to, as well as each of the items within those sections that are currently awaiting moderator approval.  The series of icons in the left column represent the actions you can perform on each item.  You can hover your mouse over each to get a reminder of what each one is.  


Click this button to preview the item. When the item is new (as distinct from an edit of an existing item), clicking this button opens up a new window and displays the details that the user contributed.  When the item is an edited item, clicking this button will open up a new window that has two frames in it, one displays the new version of the item, the other displays the original.  Read the title bar of the new window to see which version is which. Depending on what you're previewing, it'll say either "Left is Original, Right is New" or "Top is Original, Bottom is New".  When you're done previewing, just close the new window.  Clicking links inside the preview window will probably work in most cases, but don't rely on them as they will not work in all cases.


Click this button to edit the item (to correct a spelling mistake, for example).  Clicking this button will open up the add/modify form pre-populated with the user's contributed information.  When you click the submit button after performing your edit, your edited version will show up IN ADDITION TO the user's original version.  I will soon change this to REPLACE the user's version with the edited version, but it hasn't happened yet.


This is the button you click to either add an item to the database (in the case of a new item), or to replace the original version with the edited version (in the case of an edited item).  You will be asked to confirm that you clicked the right button as this action is NOT easily reversible.  


Click this button to delete the item. You will be asked to confirm that you clicked the right button as this action is NOT easily reversible. Note that this does not delete anything from the live version of the site, it merely deletes the new/additional information the user contributed.  

If you have any further questions, e-mail them by clicking the "Contact" link in the main menu.  

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