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 Post subject: Revenges on Ebay
PostPosted: Mon Dec 13, 1999 7:47 am 
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Notice the flood of Revenges now coming up on ebay? Some are obviously people getting rid of them because of the re-releases, but some are the brand new ones.

Be aware! They're selling from $46 - $60 US for an item that just cost $19.95 US.

Seven Towns will produce another run.


 Post subject: Be Very Aware
PostPosted: Mon Dec 13, 1999 1:09 pm 
I did see a couple on Ebay. And I'm sure the flood hasn't yet begun. When the next run goes through, I'm sure that more people will try to sell them. I saw a couple on ebay that by their description, it sounded like they were the new batch...but, had pictures that would make you believe that they were Ideal Revenge', I emailed them and asked them about the Revenge's they were selling. They admitted that the photo wasn't the picture of the ones actually being sold, and that they were a special edition of only 250 made. I laughed at's said to take advantage of the ignorant.

 Post subject: Flood? Not really.
PostPosted: Mon Dec 13, 1999 8:43 pm 
It seems as though there are as many revenges on ebay as usual. I've been checking since April and there are usually 3 or 4 up on auction. I have four of them right now. Perhaps I should sell one or two. If anyone is interested in purchasing one for $65.00 please contact me. I live in New York City. The shipping withing country will be $3.20. That's a pretty good deal for an original one.

 Post subject: Response-Flood Not Really
PostPosted: Tue Dec 14, 1999 8:48 pm 
If you read my statement, I said "And I'm sure the flood hasn't yet begun..." That means, the flood hasn't started!!! It doesn't even mean that there will be a flood! I'm only predicting. So ofcourse, with only 3 or 4 up on Ebay, doesn't mean a flood. I never even said that there was a flood!

 Post subject: Sell it on Ebay-You'll get a sucker
PostPosted: Mon Dec 20, 1999 11:56 pm 
It's almost insulting to actually think a real life long cubist that might visit this sight would pay so much money for a Revenge. And to actually purpose to sell one on this sight for that much, is rediculous. If you really want to get a sucker, put your revenge(s) that you want to sell on ebay. There are plenty of suckers there. Look at the people that pay 150-300 dollars for siamese/triplet cubes there. The guy that sells them states them as "rare". What a rip off, and there are suckers out there that will buy into his scam.
I'm not purposing that buying a Revenge for 50 or 60 dollars for a Revenge is a scam, but, since Meffert sells them for 18.00 and Seven Towns will be continuing to sell them when they get their next shipment(sometime in Febuary) for 19.00, making a purposal for 65.00 is silly.

 Post subject: Re: Sell it on Ebay- You'll get a sucker
PostPosted: Sun Dec 26, 1999 7:59 am 
Hi Kevin,

I find your evaluation of eBay bidders to be somewhat one sided. Whether or not a person wants to "pay so much money for a Revenge", or else pay "150-300 dollars for a siamese/triplet cubes" has nothing to do with them being a "sucker", as well as does not indicate anything on eBay to be a "scam" as you explicitly stated. I understand that other venues may give opportunities to acquire such collectables, however your accusation of a "scam" is not justified, since I have quite a few repeat buyers(as well as first time buyers), none of which would agree with you. Obviously, if rarity were an issue, people would not bid. It's totally your prerogative to believe as you wish, however how can you decide something is a "scam" unless you know first hand of a patron who would agree with you? As one is not a patron of a service, particularly in which I am the counterpatron, how can one judge my postings to be a "scam"? I am not forcing anyone to bid, and people are bidding on what's in the pictures, so if that makes the bidders happy, and it makes me happy, why can't you be happy? This is somewhat analogous to someone saying "Dodge Durangos are stupid vehicles", when in fact that someone doesn't own a Dodge Durango and never even driven one, or even spoken to the owner of one for that matter(not to mention inquire from the maker of them). My point is that if someone doesn't like Dodge Durangos, they shouldn't buy one(!), but it isn't up to that one person to preach to the world that "Dodge Durangos are stupid vehicles" based on their opinion. Just keep in mind that opinions are great, however often people end up in court for things smaller than accusations.

I've learned that there are two types of people in the world. Those who are happy, and those who find happiness in trying to prove that the happy people shouldn't be happy. Which one are you?

Thanks for your interest.. and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

..Steve Songalia

 Post subject: I think he meant...
PostPosted: Mon Dec 27, 1999 7:59 am 
I think he meant by "sucker" as the fact that I can make a siamese cube with two new cubes without the use of making a new plastic piece. Basically the cost of getting one is the price of two. However, they are selling much more than twenty dollars. I made a couple and sold them for $60-$110 dollars on ebay. It is a surprise they go so high and that is why some people are upset.

 Post subject: Hi Steve!!--- I am a happy camper
PostPosted: Fri Dec 31, 1999 9:54 pm 
Hi Steve!

First of all, I am a very happy person. If you look carefully at the way you word your ebay auctions, you leave out some very key facts. These being:
1) You make and engineer these puzzles.
2) You state no flaws in craftsmanship...nothing is flawless
3) You state you are taking it out of your personal collection...but, how long has it been in your "collection"...a few days since you made it.
4) You don't tell them the cost/time/and effort you put into making the puzzles. (Of course not! Since you make them yourself and leave that point out!!)

You are playing on the weak and ignorance of people in this world. To take advantage of someone who really has no idea is a sad thing.
You word your auction titles in such a way that someone really thinks it is rare. It is true that you put the pictures up with your puzzle auctions. However, I have talked to some friends that like the Rubiks cube and such, but have no idea what the difference was in the original run of puzzles in the 80's and the ones in the 90's.

Try this, if you say it is not a scam...Put up another puzzle on ebay. Put up a puzzle that has a history of selling at at high the siamese or triamese or extended cube!!! State that you made the puzzle. Tell them what it cost you to make the puzzle. If it is a "siamese" puzzle made of oddzon's cubes, tell them that the stickers are a piece of **** and will fall apart within a week if the play with it. Give them the whole truth. I dare you to do it with just one puzzle and just see how high the bid gets. Then we all will truely see if people are "scammed" and are "suckers"...If you get a high bid after stating the whole truth, then I will publicly appologize to you. I guess if you decline to do that, it is your acceptance of the scam....remember the absence of good is evil!!! The absence of the whole a lie!!!

Happy new year to you...I really hope that I do get to appologize to you. I don't mind being wrong!

P.S. I'm not upset because other people are paying so high, I hate when people get taken advantage of. I have made several custom puzzles by molding my own plastics over the years!

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