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 Post subject: More about Sterns
PostPosted: Sat Oct 28, 2000 12:01 pm 
There are plenty of color patterns that can be made with tiles or stickers that make sense, or at least more sense than the Alexander's Star arrangement. I can see possible schemes using 3, 4, 6, 8, and 12 colors, depending on how they're sorted. The 4 and 8 color schemes would use the matching corners like a regular stern. The 3, 6 and 12 would just match pairs of colors. Maybe this will help one of you designers. I've made my last tile order from Meffert's, and have enough to make 2 Sterns of different schemes.

 Post subject: Re: More about Sterns
PostPosted: Sun Oct 29, 2000 9:12 am 
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I created my Starburst or Stern. I am not sure what is the correct term or whether both of them work the same way. The Pyramorphix comes with 4 colors (Green, Red, Blue, Yellow) and I wasn't aware that Meffert sold tiles (stickers) for Pyramorphix (or equivalent) in 4 other colors. So, Jason, can you explain again where are you are getting the extra colors from?

 Post subject: Alexander's Star
PostPosted: Sun Oct 29, 2000 12:01 pm 
Not that the arrangement of A's Star is bad, but in a solved state, some of my friends don't think that it is solved. If you use 12 colors, it wouldn't looked solved unless you explain it to the person. (Never liked the stern anyway.)

 Post subject: Stern/Star
PostPosted: Mon Oct 30, 2000 9:12 am 

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"Stern" means "Star" in German. I'm assuming someone grabbed the name from Hendrik Haak's puzzle site.

 Post subject: Stern Tiles
PostPosted: Wed Nov 01, 2000 11:35 am 
For the large Stern made from 2 Pyramorphixes, I just sliced off and switched 2 sides of one of the puzzles, so each triad has a polar opposite and only 4 colors are used. For the smaller one made from vinyl stickered Pyraminx keychains, I asked Meffert's if they could sell me a set of tiles for a Skewb Diamond--8 colors, 4 tiles of each, so there's a little bit of waste (unless you make a purely artistic, unsolvable mini-Diamond with the leftovers). That's how I got 8 colors. It didn't work perfectly, though: the Skewb Diamond tiles are all the same mold, but the ones used for the large Pyraminx are blunted at the corners, and I got a few of the blunted ones, so it was a challenge to make sure all the faces looked balanced. I know I'm anal on this--even Meffert's said I was the first person to gripe about that. It sounded like they would not be selling tiles much anymore, though.

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