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 Post subject: Twisty puzzles on Dealextreme
PostPosted: Mon Sep 13, 2010 5:36 pm 

Joined: Sun Dec 07, 2008 4:28 pm
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A while back (about a year and a half actually), I started inventorying the twisty puzzles for sale on DealExtreme, for myself and as a service to others. That post has languished a bit in an obscure thread, even though I've occasionally kept it edited up to date. I think it's high time to give it its very own thread, though.

The original was here.

I've included some stuff listed as "temporarily sold out" that is not necessarily likely to get back in stock again. I think I've now got everything, at least everything filed under "Toys". Where I could, I've put a little comment regarding the item, if I've bought it. Other comments also welcome. If there is something missing or I made a mistake, please don't hesitate to bring it to my attention.

Note: this list is generally up to date (for DX, at least) as of the last edit date.

Twisty Puzzles on DealExtreme:

Rubik's World, 2x2x2 globe, $15.90 Looks like the real thing.
Mirror Blocks, gold, $22.50
Mirror Blocks, silver, $20.90

Eastsheen 4x4x4 black, $12.90*
Eastsheen 5x5x5 black, $14.68*
Eastsheen dual 2x2x2 keychain, $3.99*

Verdes V-cube 6x6x6 white, $60.80
Verdes V-cube 7x7x7 white, $71.00

DIY purple cube, Cube4You, $8.33 * Enough said. Best cube I know.

Skewb clones:
White Skewb diamond clone, $6.41
Black skewb diamond clone, $6.40
Polymorphinx clone, $8.14
Skewb Ultimate clone, $8.43
Skewb Diamond/cube mix, $6.32
Skewb Diamond/cube mix, $6.61

Megaminx clones
White megaminx clone, $8.44
Black megaminx clone, $7.50 This is a "PVC megaminx". Half-pops sometimes on slightly misaligned turns, but doesn't usually fully pop. *
Black tiled megaminx “QJ”, $8.78
White tiled megaminx “QJ”, $9.11
Gigaminx white, $44.86 Not KO, you can add back the link
Gigaminx black, $44.78 Not KO, you can add back the link
Teraminx black, $75.26 Not KO, you can add back the link
Teraminx white, $75.26 Not KO, you can add back the link

Pyraminx clones:
White Pyraminx clone, $8.24 The one delivered was white with holo stickers. Pretty decent, not great. *
Transparent pyraminx-like puzzle, $4.99 Stickers and puzzle are really bad quality. *

Square-1 clones:
White 4-layer sq-1, $8.83
Black 4-layer sq-1, $8.87
Transparent Sq-1, $8.18
Black cheap Sq-1, $3.64
White 4 layer 3 corners 6 edges, $9.68
Black 4 layer 3 corners 6 edges, $9.68
White 4 layer 6 corners, $9.79
Black 4 layer 6 corners, $9.79
White/Black 4 layer 6 corners, $9.79
White/Black 4 layer 12 edges, $9.58

Magic clones:
Magic-8, $8.37 Has Rubik's logo, and is thus fake rather than clone.
Magic-12, $12.50 Has rubik's logo, so fake not clone. Strung badly, but tiles and strings are decent. Restrung it's good. *
Magic-16, LotR theme, $10.97
Magic-16, chess theme, $10.97
Magic-8, glow in dark, $4.84
Magic-8, Mini, $3.52
Magic-12, Mini, $4.95

Snake clones:
Snake in blue/white, $2.34 Not bad, not as good as a real Snake either. *
Polychromatic Snake, $2.41

2x2x2 variants:
50 mm 2x2x2, $3.98 Really bad (but relatively expensive) mech inside, cannot be taken apart and especially reassembled without breaking. *
Penguin-shape 2x2x2, $7.50
Ball-shape 2x2x2, $2.90
Pyramorphinx clone, $5.82
2x2x2 with rotating inner faces, $9.30
2x2x2 with rotating bulbous faces, $9.80
2x2x2 with rotating inner faces and 2 with extension, $9.80

3x3x3 keychain:
Keychain cube, $1.68
2 keychain cubes, pastel colours plus numbers, $3.20 Haven't tried these.
3 keychain cubes, standard colours, $2.25 Mine (out of 15) were mostly in body colour pink, with 3 whites and 1 black body colour. *
keychain-size 3x3x3, no actual keychain bits, white, $3.91 See viewtopic.php?f=1&t=12523 *
keychain-size 3x3x3, no actual keychain bits, black, $3.93
Maru Mini transparent $8.53 Keychain size cube, in transparent trim with transparent stickers.
Maru Mini transparent dark blue $8.53
Maru Mini dice pattern $8.52

3x3x3 regular:
DIY kit black, 2 sets stickers, $6.36 I'm told this is a type C. Comes with 2 sets of fairly decent stickers, not very bright colours though. *
DIY White, $6.89 Given the stickersheets, appears to be the same supplier as black above.
DIY Glow in the Dark, $6.85And a glow in the dark one.
DIY Glow in the Dark, $7.30And another glow in the dark one.

DIY kit glow in the dark, $7.65
DIY kit translucent pink, $7.10
Translucent printable cube, $6.92 This one comes with plastic plates on all the faces behind which you can put your own design. Comes with coloured and sudoku sheets, as well as a printable one. Haven't tried it myself but looks fairly decent internally.
Black printable cube, $6.73 The black one.
Cube with domed tiles, $4.69
Cube with smooth tiles, $2.48 Very thin and soft plastic, as a result, doesn't work all that well. Good enough if you don't go for speed or frequent use. *

3x3x3 Sticker mods:
Numerics cube, $2.82 White on red numbers from 1-9 on each face.
Numerics cube, $2.90 White on black numbers from 1-9 per face.
Cartoon-theme cube, $3.59
Chinese masks theme cube, $6.17
Chinese masks theme cube, slightly smaller, $5.27

Colour-blind type cube, $10.50
Musical notes on colour, $10.50 Effectively just a cube with center orientation.
Maze-on-colours, $10.50 Again, defeats most of the point of Maze, effectively just a cube with center orientation.
Maze-on-yellow, $10.50
Arrows-on-colours, $10.50 Shepherd's type arrows superimposed over a standard 6-colour scheme (defeating the point of Shepherd's), effectively just a cube with center orientation.
Dice-type dots, $10.50 Each face has 9 copies of dice dots.
4-corner, $10.50 I suspect these 7 cubes to be the same cube underneath (in both black and white), given pricing and near-consecutive SKUs.

3x3x3 shapemods:
Truncated 3x3x3, $2.25 Truncated, stickered version of 'Cube with Smooth Tiles'. Turns just as badly. Pastel stickers, not very good. *
3x3x3 extended to 3x3x4, $3.50
Spherical 3x3x3, $4.90
3x3x3 extended with 9 cubies per face, $9.20 *
3x3x3 extended to 3x3x5, $3.99 *
3x3x3 extended to diamond shape, $8.38 These 3 are all the same version of cube internally. Not very good cubes, thin plastic, not as soft as the one up top of this category.

3x3x4 non-functional, $4.46
3x3x5 non-functional, $4.99
Dual siamese cubes, $13.32
Triple siamese cubes, $16.33
Quadruple siamese cubes, $21.35
Quintuple siamese cubes, $24.35
Hextuple siamese cubes, $27.48
Pyramidal shapemod, $6.62
Just plain odd, $7.24
heart-shape mod $6.22
Another just plain weird $6.11
vaguely octahedron-y $5.90
Same octahedral cut as 39867, $5.60
And a different octahedral cut, $5.90
and another one of these, $5.70
Dodecahedral cut, white, $5.80
Fishery box cube, $7.70
Axis Cube, $7.30
And yet another cut, $5.50
And another one, $5.50
And.. you guessed it.. another one, $5.40
And another interesting cut, $9.87

Green odd thing $9.34
Red odd thing $9.34
Blue odd thing $9.34 I'm not sure how these turn, but it looks weird.

4x4x4 variants:
Rough tiled 4x4x4, $9.95 Thick meffert-style tiles,may be Rubik's Revenge type mech, is definitely not a direct cast of ES mech as it weighs 200 grams and is 68 mm size according to specs from DX. / Now confirmed to be a Revenge/Meffert style mech. Could be useful to test mods on.
Another rough tiled 4x4, $10.79
Black Maru Cube clone of what appears to me Meffert/Rubik mech, $18.20
White Maru Cube clone of what appears to me Meffert/Rubik mech, $18.20 I've had good experiences with Maru Mini cubes, FWIW.

5x5x5 variants:
Rough tiled 5x5x5, $13.95 This appears to have thick tiles, a la Meffert, and might be a Rubik's Professor type mech rather than Eastsheen. Is at least not a direct cast of Eastsheen, as it has filled bits the ES doesn't, and weighs 350 grammes at a 68mm dimension.
Another rough tiled 5x5x5, $14.72

Non-cubical FF:
Octahedron, probably face-turn $28.43
3x3x2 Black $4.56
3x3x2 White $4.58

3x3x4 Rubik-style alarm clock, $6.48 Rotate the top to select between 4 functions.
1x1x5 style 4 port USB hub, $16.39
Shock-Your-Friends Electric Shock Cube, $3.47

Twisty magic sphere, $6.36
Cube-forming snake in wood, $3.85
Cube-forming snake in plastic, $2.12 Fun, but doesn't last once you know the solution. *
Brain Twist, $9.41 This is a China made copy-poor quality. looking for patent informationMay or may not be a legit one. Looks like it is though.
Wooden puzzle ball, $7.99
Turbo Mind Twister, $19.56

3x3x3 extended to diamond, $11.20 Pretty sure this is exactly DX SKU 15093, given the packaging.
Truncated pastel 3x3x3, $3.42 I'm pretty certain that is DX SKU 16524.
Alphabet & numbers cube, $7.95
"Competition grade" 3x3x3, $12.67
Column toy Doesn't look like this one is on DX at all, not even an equivalent.
Spherical 3x3x3 Probably same as DX SKU 18288
5x5x5 cube, $11.11 Might be an ES knockoff, not sure.
3x3x3 extended to 3x3x4, $5.21 Probably white version of DX SKU 16331
Megaminx knockoff Looks to be same as DX SKU 16334
Keychain 3x3x3, $.99 (limit 1 per customer) The keychain bit looks exactly like the ones on DX SKU 16335, but the stickers have rounded corners on this one. May be better quality cubes too.
DIY kit with tools& lube, $11.34 Appears to be similarly stocked as the Japanese Rubik's DIY kit, but lesser quality according to rumour.
Polychromatic snake, $2.75 Probably same as DX SKU 8151.

Where DX has an equivalent, they're mostly cheaper.

* marks the ones I've personally tried.

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