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 Post subject: No ideas left
PostPosted: Tue Jul 23, 2002 2:27 am 
It seems like everytime i come up with an idea someone else does it first, i have been away from my puzzle makeing equitment (and my computer) for quite a while and i9 finaly manage to get on a computer for a bit and see that two of my ideas have been done by others, 3x3x4 and 4x4x3, after the same happened with the master pyrimix. I think by the time i get back to my equitment there will be no ideas left un done.

 Post subject: Re: No ideas left
PostPosted: Tue Jul 23, 2002 5:00 am 
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I symathize with your position... but you might be letting it get you down a little too much. I imagine that all three of the puzzles you mentioned (3x3x4, 4x4x3, Master Pyramid) were all at least designed 20+ years ago.

For all we know Fisher created all the possible cuboids back then and someone somewhere has a shelf-load of them. I can't imagine why he wouldn't have made them. He definitely had the design, the materials, the skill, and the initiative. Also, Wayne has that 1992 picture of a Master Pyraminx (white base, orange and yellow stickers). Someone made it years ago too.

I'm straying from my point a little. I don't think you should let these recent unveilings of newer versions of older inventions discourage you. Owning these gems will be well worth the time you put in to create them. Yes, it would have been really cool to be the first to show up with pictures of a known working Master Pyramid, but won't it still be really cool to do that?!

I envy the fact that you (and others here) can even seriously consider creating some of these unattainable gems. I've been working on a 2x2x3 for about three months now, off and on... mostly off... and I'm sure it'll be a piece of crap when I'm done. Creating a Master Pyramid myself is an unrealistic fantasy... one that persists in spite of my pragmatism.

Okay, so, point is, you're so far ahead of the bell curve that anything you do will be viewed in very high regard indeed. Don't get discouraged!


 Post subject: i agree!
PostPosted: Wed Jul 24, 2002 5:00 am 

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if i could make those puzzles, even if it was after someone else had made one, it would at least save me a LOT of money! besides, theres nothing wrong with coming up with a better mechanism etc.

i also sympathise with you sandy! my only 'masterpiece' is a 3x3x5 (extended of course :wink: ) which i made with two little micro cubes. i was going to announce it on here when i finished because i was so proud of it, but that was around the time when chris was sharing some of his 6x6x6 building ideas, so.....

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