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 Post subject: Cube Maze Mod for Rubik’s Color Scheme
PostPosted: Tue Jan 24, 2012 6:29 pm 
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I have been experimenting with applying colors to some of my Ethereal Maze Puzzles and wanted to see what some of them would like with a Rubik’s Cube color scheme. For this mod I kept it simple and just used some highlighters and Sharpies. I used Sharpies for the Yellow and Red. They are a nice bright color but you have to be careful as they bleed a lot. The Orange, Blue and Green are highlighter markers from the office supply store. They cover fairly well and the colors don’t bleed over to an adjacent one much at all. I might look for a little darker blue marker, as the highlighter is fairly light. If you want to spend more time and money and have a better color selection you can get a set of plastic model paints and small brushes from a hobby shop.

I am happy at how this turned out for such a quick Mod. Having the faces of the maze cube each a different color can also help you keep track of which side is “up”, and which side the exit is on.

The pictures below show two of my Ethereal Maze Puzzles with the Rubik’s Cube color scheme Mod. The smaller maze is called “Zig Zag Zog”, and the medium size one is called “Floating Labyrinth”. I have also included a picture of all three of the Ethereal Maze Puzzles currently available in their uncolored state.

Below is some information on Ethereal Maze Puzzles. They are available from my Shapeways shop with prices starting at $3.99.

Ethereal Maze Puzzles are a new type of rolling ball 3D maze puzzle. The models shown in the images below are rated from easy to moderately difficult.

Ethereal Maze Puzzles are mazes that you solve by rolling a ball through an innovative new three dimensional lattice structure which forms the maze paths. The goal is to roll the ball through the maze from the entrance to the exit. Start by pushing the ball into the spring loaded entrance ( it looks like a backwards “J”). Tip the maze in different directions to roll the ball along the paths through the maze. Don’t worry, if you make a wrong turn, the ball will not fall out of the maze. If the ball runs into a dead-end you can just roll the ball back the opposite way and try another path, that’s all part of this fun challenge. When you reach the exit there is a spring loaded button to press to release the ball from the maze. The exit is in a corner of the maze, where you will find a bar with the little button sticking out from the side of the maze.

See for yourself how Ethereal Maze Puzzles take maze puzzles to a whole new level of challenge and fun. With their convoluted lattice structure they can also be enjoyed as captivating and intriging sculptural works of art.
Ethereal Maze Puzzles are a brand new class of maze puzzles I invented in 2010. I named this new type of maze “Ethereal Maze Puzzles” for their light and airy structure, and almost intangible pathways. The first models were developed in October 2010 and are currently available for purchase through my Shapeways shop:

For videos and more information please visit my Youtube and Facebook Ethereal Maze Puzzles pages below: ... 11?sk=wall


TpEfzOut.jpg [ 23.95 KiB | Viewed 911 times ]
FlRubiksRear.jpg [ 194.85 KiB | Viewed 911 times ]
FlRubiksFront.jpg [ 190.16 KiB | Viewed 911 times ]
ZzzFlRubiks.jpg [ 172.14 KiB | Viewed 911 times ]

Steve Winter
Inventor of Ethereal Maze Puzzles - A new type of 3D rolling ball maze puzzle
Available at my Ethereal Maze Puzzles Shapeways shop
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