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 Post subject: Replacement photos
PostPosted: Wed Mar 31, 2004 7:24 pm 
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Joined: Mon Sep 09, 2002 2:19 pm
Location: Yaroslavl, Russia and Maryland, USA
Sandy, here is a suggestion. You could probably keep a list of photos somewhere that you'd like replacement for, due to the pictures being too small (object far away), or sligtly/greatly not in focus, or any other reason. That way people will know exactly what you're lacking. You could also include puzzles that you'd like more pictures for (angles, boxes, mechanisms, etc), or puzzles with no pictures at all.


 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Apr 02, 2004 5:09 pm 

Joined: Fri Feb 06, 2004 3:47 pm
Maybe a start. Here a list of small photos, I think mainly old pics from the Virtual Puzzle Museum. Sorry, the list isn't actual (status about mid 2003). Some pics might already be replaced by new ones, also the sections are the old ones. Be aware, the list is long, I think about 400-500 puzzles.

Batman Mini-Cube
Espagne 82
Harry Potter
Japanese Jumbo Cube
Mini Buvos Kocka
Pac-Man Pocket Cube
Pocket Die
Popeye Pocket Cube
Power Rangers Cube
Rubik’s Pocket Cube

3M Scotch Video Tape
Abc Cube
Adobe Cube
Aetna Cube
Amaco Cube
American Warranty Corp
Animal Cube
Australia Animal Cube
Automobile Club Cube
B’z Cube
Bank Of America
Bassett Furniture Cube
Bi-Polar Cube
Black Cube
Boeing Cube
Boob Cube
Boob Cube Key Chain
Boob Cube Keychain
Brass Cube
Bufferin 3 Cube
Burlington Northern
Camel Cigarettes Cube
Carolina Tar Heels College Cube
CDW Cube
Chemco Cube
Chess Cube
Chuck E Cheese
Chuck E Cheese Cube
Ciba Medical Cube
Coca Cola Cube
Cognos Cube
Computer Resources Group Cube
Copia Cube
Corporate Cube
Cube Necklace
Cube Puzzle
Daisy Duck Cube
Dalmation Cube
Daraemon Cube
Dice Cube
Dinosaur Cube
Domino Cube
Donald Duck Cube
Donkey Kong Cube
Doraemon Cube Key Chain
El Al Airlines Cube
Ericssons Cube
Escher Cube
Esso Cube
Exotic Frog Cube
Federal Savings Cube
Fifteen Cubo
Fish Cube
Flag Cube
Florida Gators College Cube
Flower Cube
Ford Cube
France 98 Soccer Cube
Fruit Cube
Fruit Of The Loom
Garfield And Minnie
Garfield Cube
Glitter Cube Keychain
Gm - Avis Promo Cube
Godzilla Keychain Cube
Golf Cube
Gryo Cube
Halloween Cube
Hawaii Cube
Heilig Meyers Racing Cube
Hello Kitty Cube
Hello Kitty Key Chain
Hi Cube
Holigraphic Cube
Iowa Hawkeyes Cube
Iq Magic Cube
Italian Character Cube
Jack Daniel’s Cube
Japanese Rubik’s Cube
Jet Cube
Jewel Cube
Jumbo Magic Cube
Kansas State Univ.
Kawasaki Cube
Kjzz Cube
Kodak Cube
Kool Aid - Country Time
Kraft Corporation
Lasker Cube
Loony Tunes Cube
Magic Cube
Magic Square Cube
Male Nude Cube
Mamco Mfg Co. Cube
Mcdonalds Cube
Medical Cube
Mercedes Benz Cube
Michigan College Cube
Mickey Mouse Cube
Microsoft Cube
Mini Cube
Mini Cube Key Chain
Mini Dragon - Z
Mini Mouse Cube
Money Cube
MTV Cube
Nalco Delta T. Cube
Navigator Cube
Nebraska Huskers Cube
Notre Dame College Cube
Orange Hearts
Order Of The Arrow
Ornate Key Chain Cube
Pac-Man Cube
Path Cube (Pastel)
Pentomino Cube
Pepsi Cube
Perdue College Cube
Play Ball Cube
Pokemon Cube
Polish Cube
Promotional Cube
pyronatican cube
Quickbank Cube
Religious Objects Puzzle Cube
Royal Wedding Cube
Rubik’s 4th Dimension
Rubik’s Blind Man’s Cube
Rubik’s Cube
Rubik’s Cube Ivory Special Edition
Rubik’s Cube Necklace
Rubik’s Perpetual Calendar
Sailor Moon Keychain
Santa Cube
Scooby Doo Cube
Seafirst Bank Cube
Sernam Truck Cube
Shohoku Cube
Silver Cube
Slot Machine Cube
Smiley Face Cube
Snoopy Cube
Sports Type Cube
Stereogram Cube
Sylvester The Cat Cube
Tennessee Vols Cube
Texaco Cube
The Last Cube
The Springer Group Cube
Trace Adkins Cube
Train Cube
Transparent Cube
Tweety Bird Cube
Ultraman Cube
University Of Kansas - Jayhawks
University Of Virginia
Upjohn Cube
Us West Cube
Village Home - French
Winnie The Pooh Cube
Wwf Cube

Rubik’s Master Cube
Rubik’s Revenge
Wonderland Master Cube

Professor - C,
Professor Cube, Tiled
Rubik’s Wahn
Ultimate, Rubik’s Wahn,
Master Revenge

Tower of Babylon

101 Uses For A Dead Cube
A Practical Solution To Rubik’s Magic
A Simple Approach To The Magic Cube
Conquer That Cube Book
Conquer The Cube In 45 Seconds Book
Cracking The Cube
Cube Games
Cube Games Book
Cube Solving
Cubes By Banx
Das Magische Domino
De Tover Piramide
Der Funferwurfel
Der Turm
Der Wurfel Fur Fortgeschrittene
Die Gemeinsame Strategie...
Die Pyramide
Die Verwandten Des Zauberwurfels
Die Zauberschlange
Dissolving Rubik’s Cube Book
Handbook Of Cubese
Handbook Of Cubik Math
Here’s The Solution
How To Organize The Octahedron
How To Restore Rubik’s Magic Cube To The Start Position
How To Solve Rubik’s Revenge
How To Solve The Cube In 37 Seconds
How To Solve The Cube Puzzle
How To Tackle The Tetrahedron
I Do The 4x4x4 Cube
I Do The Quader
I Master The Magic’s Mosaics
Ideal 1982 Toy Catalog
Inside Rubik’s Cube And Beyond
Inversion Solution
Jeff Conquers The Cube
Knobeln und Tuefteln Labyrinth der Denkspiele
Le Guide Marabout Du Cube Et De Ses Derives
Learn How To Solve Rubik’s Cube
Making Rubik’s Magic
Master Rubik’s Cube
Mastering Rubik’s Cube
Mastering Rubik’s Revenge
Mastering The Magic Pyramid
Mathematics Of The Rubik’s Cube DesignMegaminx
Not Another Cube Book
Notes On Rubik’s Magic Cube
Puzzle It Out
Puzzle World
Pyraminx Cube
Resolving Rubik’s Cube
Rubik Cubik Magik
Rubik’s Clock
Rubik’s Cube
Rubik’s Cube Compendium
Rubik’s Cube Engagement Calendar
Rubik’s Cube Made Easy
Rubik’s Cube Made Simple
Rubik’s Cube Revenge
Rubik’s Cube: Solved!
Rubik’s Magic
Rubik’s Magic Cube Book
Rubik’s Master Cube
Rubik’s Pocket Cube
Rubik’s Puzzles
Rubik’s Revenge
Rubik’s Ruse
Rubiks Cube
Simple Solutions To Cubic Puzzles
Simple Solutions To Rubik’s Magic
Solve That Crazy Mixed-Up Cube
Solving Rubik’s Revenge
Solving The Cube
Some Hints On Solving Rubik’s Cube
The Amazing Pyraminx
The Complete Cube Book
The Cube
The Cube - How To Do It
The Cube: A Short Easy Solution
The Cubic Solution
The Easy Way to Solve the Cube and Decagon / Barrel
The Easy Way To Solve The Pyramid
The Easy Way To Solve The Star
The Ideal Solution - Alexanders Star
The Ideal Solution - Rubik’s Cube
The Ideal Solution - Rubik’s Revenge
The Ideal Solution - The Missing Link
The Idiots Solution To The Rubik’s Cube
The Magic Solution
The New Exciting 1982 Rage - Pryaminx
The Official Solution To Alexanders Star
The Orb Solution Booklet
The Pyramid
The Simple Solution To Rubik’s Cube
The Simple Solution To The Pyramid
The Winning Solution
The Winning Solution To Rubik’s Revenge
There’s No Magic To Rubik’s Cube
Turn To 1
Understanding Rubik’s Magic Cube
Unscrambling The Cube
You Can Do The Cube
You Can Kick The Cube
Zauber Pyramide
Zauberturm, Teufelstonne Und Magische Pyramide

Escher Octahedron
Pyraminx Magic Hexagon
Star Puzzler (aka: Magic Octahedron)

A&W Pyraminx
Ali Baba’s Pyramid
Bandaged Pyraminx
Pyraminx Masters Version
Rubik’s Triamid
Stellated Pyraminx
Wonderful Pyramid

Escher Cuboctahedron
Flowered Jewel
Magic Jewel

Atari Game Cartridge
Color Match
Rubik’s Brain Game
Rubik’s Cubes Jig Saw
Rubik’s Fifteen (aka: XV)
Rubik’s Illusion
Rubik’s Magic JigSaw Puzzle
Rubik’s Race
Rubik’s Royal Brain Teaser
Rubik’s Zigzaw Puzzle

Link Puzzle
Missing Link - Masters Edition
Missing Link - Pocket Edition

Cubists Are Not On-Sided
Cubists Do It In Seconds
Dijon Cereales
Donald Duck/Cube Stamp
Fridge Magnet
I’ve Conquered The Cube
Iron On Shirt Decal
Magyar Postage Stamp
Mattel Wheels
Rubik’s Cube Beach Towel
Rubik’s Cube Eraser
Rubik’s Cube Halloween Costume
Rubik’s Cube Mouse Pad
Rubik’s Cube Sheet
Rubik’s Golf Ball
Rubik’s Magic Button
Rubik’s Magic Shirt
Rubik’s Pillow
Screw It Cube
The Rubik’s Cube Smasher
Tournament Medal

Ball Cube
Barbell Cube
Bart Simpson Head
Bugs Bunny
Canadian Puck
Chess Puck
Cube In Sphere
Darth Maul Head
Donald Duck Cube
Extended Cube
Flowered Octagonal Prism
Fused 2x2x2
Fused 5x5x5 Cube
Fused Cube 2
Fused Cubes
Hello Kitty 2x2x2
Marvin The Martian
Mutated Cube
Octagonal Prism
Pocket Siamese Cube
Pyraminx Magic Barrel
Pyraminx Magic Pentagon
Pyraminx Magic Triangle
Rubik’s Mate (aka: Siamese Cube, Double Cube)
Rubik’s Rabbit (aka: Rubik’s Hat)
Scooby Doo
Siamese Cube (aka: Siamese 3 (1x1x3))
Smart Alex
Sphere In Cube
Tazmanian Devil
Tiled Octagon
Tonne - 4 Color
Tonne - Black/White
Triamese (aka: Triple Cube)
Tweety Bird

Coca Cola Snake
Create a Double Cube
Harry Potter Magic
Holding Hands
Imaginary Lovers Magic
Kellogg’s Mini Magic
Magic Bear/Bunny
Magic Cat/Bird/Guy
Magic Hearts
Malev Rubik’s Magic
Micro Magic: Link The Rings
Priss of the Knight Sabres
Rubik’s Create The Cube
Rubik’s Magic
Rubik’s Magic Picture Game - Dinosaur Days
Rubik’s Magic Picture Game - Octopus Garden
Rubik’s Master Magic
Rubik’s Snake
Santa Magic

2x2x3 (aka: Wide Tower)
2x2x4 Cube
3x3x5 (Extended)
Bandaged Cube
Bandaged Revenge #3
Cube 21 - Original Edition
Escher Skewb
Fisher 2
Fused cube
Magic Abc
Rubik’s Dice
Rubik’s Domino
Rubik’s Domino Lettered
Rubik’s Maze
Snake Domino
Special 2x2
Wall Cube

3D Challenge Keychain Puzzleball
3D Creative Puzzleball
Asiana Airlines Dreamball
Baskins & Robbins Dreamball
Burger King Dreamball
Catmaster Masterball
Chromosix Colour Ball (aka: Cromoball, Mystic I.Q. Ball)
Circusmaster Masterball
Crystal Puzzleball
Dragonmaster Masterball
France 98 Keychain Puzzleball
France 98 Puzzleball
Hungarian Globe
JEI Dreamball
Jupiter Dreamball
Korean Air Dreamball
M&Ms Dreamball
Magic Globe
Massage Ball
McDonald’s Dreamball
Nike Dreamball
Paris Baguette Dreamball
Pepsi Dreamball
Pizza Hut Dreamball
Rubik’s World
SoccerMaster Masterball
Sonic the Hedgehog Puzzleball
Tennismaster Masterball
World Cup Puzzleball
Worldmaster Masterball
Yankees Dreamball

Star Cube

Pyraminx Crystal
Rhombic Dodecahedron

Unknown 2x2x2 Cube
Unknown 3x3x3 Cube
Unknown Pocket Cube

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 02, 2004 5:32 pm 
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Joined: Thu Jan 24, 2002 1:10 am
Location: Toronto, Canada
Wow. That's a whole lotta work!

Thanks, Tom!


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