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 Post subject: Re: Blue Eyes
PostPosted: Sat Oct 23, 2010 10:14 pm 
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quicksolver wrote:
They are immortal because of the guru!! :lol:

And they're also all men. End of discussion. :D

I told my family the hats riddle today, and got some of the most ridiculous questions.

"What kind of hat was it?"

"What if the guy in back was a mime/ fell asleep?"

"What if one of them went unconscious and had an out of body experience? Could they see the guy in back of them's hat?"

So yeah, I'm on a roll as far as coming up with answers to bizarre questions today...


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 Post subject: Re: Blue Eyes
PostPosted: Wed Oct 27, 2010 10:21 am 
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Kelvin Stott wrote:
What if the Guru says "I see at least one person with blue eyes and ..."

1. " least one has brown eyes" OR
2. "...everyone I see has blue or brown eyes" OR
3. " least one has neither blue nor brown eyes" (let's assume this is the case).

Case 1. I think this creates a catch-22 where nobody can be positive of their eye color. 2 person with one brown and one blue works, 3 person with 1 blue 2 brown... lemme think about it.

Case 2. I think everyone would leave, but only thought about it for a minute or two.
For case 2, a 2 person scenario would be one with blue eyes and one with brown eyes. Both see the other has the other color eyes, and leaves that day.
3 person (2 brown 1 blue, why not?) Blue leaves the first day (seeing no other blues but knowing there is at least one) and brown leaves the next day (First day saw another brown, didn't know if was blue or brown. Second day, blue had left, obviously didn't see another blue, both brown leave.)
I'll expand on this later with different cases, but I think both groups will leave on the day with the same number as people in their group.

Case 3, I don't even know where to begin. I've never thought of ACTUALLY having someone with another color introduced.

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