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 Post subject: Charlie's Puzzle Collection
PostPosted: Mon Jan 24, 2011 8:23 pm 
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Joined: Tue May 26, 2009 7:36 pm
Location: Kokomo, Indiana USA
I recently borrowed my girlfriend's camera, so I figured now was a good time to take some pictures of my collection. It's nothing magnificent, but I'm proud of what I have being only a couple of years into the hobby. I feel that people too often neglect different types of puzzles, so mine really brings in and touches on a lot of categories.

I apologize for the quality, but this is the only camera I've had access too in a long time. I just don't have the resources for better pictures. I can do close ups of any puzzles you wish for the next 24 hours. Also, ask about any of my puzzles and I'll tell you what I know.


I see selling and trading as an opportunity to expand. Feel free to approach me about any and all of my puzzles. There are no limits, save the ones I'll tell you about should that come up.

Tall Book Case:

Full Contents as depicted, Left to Right, Top to bottom:
Nemesis Factor
MF8 Megaminx
Mefferts 4D8
Alexander's Star
Mefferts Jing's Pyraminx
Rubik's 360
Chinese Skewb Ultimate
(x2) Blue and White Rubik's Snakes

---I don't know the names of my wooden puzzles. Images display those. If any interest is shown, I'll try to get better pictures of those---
Wooden Framed 15 Puzzle w/ Jerry Slocum Book on the history of the 15 puzzle
Doug Engel Gear Puzzle (Swing Six)
Binary Arts Switchback
Binary Arts Backspin
Binary Arts Top Spin
Binary Arts Triple Cross
Binary Arts Turn Stile (Light Green Plastic Frame)

DS 3x3x3 Blue
DS 3x3x3 Green
DS 3x3x3 Orange
DS 3x3x3 Red
DS 3x3x3 Playing Cards
(x2) DS 3x3x3 Regular
QJ 2 Layer SS1 Black
QJ 2 Layer SS1 White
Crazee Globe
QJ Domino White
Mozhi Skewb with Tips for Centers
Generic 3x3x3
Rubik's 3x3x3 Transformers Allspark
Generic Mini 3x3x3 Keychain Blue
Generic Mini 3x3x3 Keychain Pink
DS 2x2x2 White
DS 45mm 3x3x3
Tic Tac Toe Cube
QJ Single Heart Green
QJ Single Heart Pink
QJ Heart to Heart White
QJ Heart to Heart Pink
QJ Heart to Heart Blue
QJ Heart to Heart Green

Short Book Case:

Full Contents as depicted, Left to Right, Top to bottom:
Rubik's Ice 2x2x2
(x2) DS 45mm 3x3x3
(x2) DS Full Size 3x3x3
Rubik's Icon 3x3x3
Alaska 3x3x3
Sudoku Cube 3x3x3
Rubik's 3x3x3 w/ Shiny Stickers (Cubesmith)
Rubik's 3x3x3 Keychain
(x2 + 2 in other pic) Generic Mini 3x3x3 with color scheme (Yellow op. White, Purple op. Green, Pink op. Blue)
Generic Mirror Blocks (Silver and Gold)
Tic Tac Toe Cube
Snake Cube
Rubik's 3x3x3 Transformers Allspark
Letters Cube
Magic Cube (Bob Evan's) Burgandy
Magic Cube (bob Evan's) Green
Magic Cube (Bob Evan's) White
Magic Cube (bob Evan's) Grey
Dots Cube
Rubik's Revolution Keychain
Texas Cube 3x3x3
M&M's World 3x3x3
ES 2x2x2
Rubik's Revolution Classic
Rubik's Revolution Titanium
Rubik's Pink Fluffy Cube w/ Case
Rubik's Magic
MF8 S1
V-Cubes 7x7x7 White
QJ Domino Black
Helicopter Cube Black
Helicopter Cube White
Mefferts Skewb
Rubik's 3x3x3
Rubik's 4x4x4
YJ 5x5x5
DS 4x4x4
ES 4x4x4
YJ Apple Green 3x3x3
Brain Ade Games Tin (Square Deal)
Brain Ade Games Tin (Puzzleominos)
Brain Ade Games Tin (Pyramid Power)
Tetris Cube
Billion Barrel
Ultraman 2x2x2
(x3) Sudoku Balls
Turbo Mind Twister
One Tough Puzzle (Gold)
Numbered Nuts Puzzle
Phoney Baloney
QJ Pyraminx
QJ Pyraminx Blue Scale Stickers

Custom Master Cuboctahedron
Evil Twin 4x4x4
Half Truncated 3x3x3
Fused 2x2x2s (Double, Triple, Quadruple)
KO Chinese Products that suck
Assembling Ball

Go Games Puzzlers (Metal Disentanglement)

Hole In One
Ball and Chain
Loop de Loop
Snake Eyes

Black Widow
Odd Ball

Sink or Swim
Fly Catcher

Noodle You IQ Metal Disentanglement:
(Blue Boxes)

Right Turn

Other Puzzles on that shelf:
ThinkFun 15 Puzzle
Metal 3x3x3 (The Ones Roxanne Had)
Plastic puzzle that I can't identify
Doug Engel E24 Burr Puzzle
(x2) Winn-Dixie 2 Nail puzzle
Alcatraz Puzzle (Recommended!)
Porcupine in Cage
Twin Keys
Brass Lock
Hanayama Cast Starfish

Attached are some additional image links. I'm sorry, again, for quality. This is the best I can do. ... 1_0728.jpg ... 1_0727.jpg ... 1_0729.jpg ... 1_0730.jpg ... 1_0731.jpg ... 1_0732.jpg ... 1_0733.jpg ... 1_0734.jpg ... 1_0736.jpg ... 1_0737.jpg ... 1_0738.jpg ... 1_0739.jpg ... 1_0740.jpg

-Charlie Hurlocker

 Post subject: Re: Charlie's Puzzle Collection
PostPosted: Mon Jan 24, 2011 8:37 pm 
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Joined: Tue Jul 13, 2010 11:39 pm
Location: USA Michigan
Nice collection! Keep up the good work! One of these days I will make a video of my collection. One day.


 Post subject: Re: Charlie's Puzzle Collection
PostPosted: Wed Jan 26, 2011 11:26 am 
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Joined: Fri Feb 20, 2009 6:38 pm
What I see here (and this should be applauded) is that you have a collection of puzzles, not just "twisty puzzles" like many of us. While you don't have every new twisty puzzle or anything like that, your collection features a solid base of twisties but also many other manipulative puzzles. This looks like a "puzzles for solving and collecting" collection rather than a "puzzles for collecting" collection (the sort of thing that I should really try one of these days 8-) ). You have directed your resources wisely.

Puzzle Photography Group

doctor who wrote:
I don't think I can make her pose without heavy sedation. The rendering doesn't have to be perfect, it just can't look like Oskar in drag.

 Post subject: Re: Charlie's Puzzle Collection
PostPosted: Wed Jan 26, 2011 11:31 am 
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Joined: Sun Apr 16, 2000 3:17 pm
Location: Hong Kong
You do know you're allowed to open those right? :lol:

Nice collection. It's much bigger than I thought. Very diverse, I like that. I see loads of interesting brain food there. Keep it up!

Rox's Rambling Blog
Katsmom's Puzzling Videos

 Post subject: Re: Charlie's Puzzle Collection
PostPosted: Wed Jan 26, 2011 9:14 pm 
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Joined: Tue May 26, 2009 7:36 pm
Location: Kokomo, Indiana USA
Thank you Jean Marc. I see that in my collection as well. I did it on accident too. I just got things that I found interesting. I really feel like more people here would be surprised with how happy expanding their puzzle horizons would make them.

And yes Rox, I do know I can open them, but so often I just can't bring myself to open puzzles. I get 2 of puzzles whenever I can afford to so that I can play with one and shelf the other one. I'm so afraid of depreciating the value or mixing and not being able to solve one, that I often times just enjoy looking at them. I admire my collection every night before I go to sleep, just looking at how beautiful each puzzle is in and of itself. The history, story and beauty of each puzzle is worth more to me than the playing with it part.

-Charlie Hurlocker

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