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 Post subject: Forum Rules
PostPosted: Wed Sep 24, 2008 12:49 am 
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The forum is not your average message board. Generally speaking, the type of people that read and write these messages are intelligent and mature individuals, and as such, we should be able to treat each other significantly better than what can be seen on most public forums.

With that said, experience has shown that a posted set of rules is a good idea. Most of these rules are obvious and merely serve as written guidelines to what most of us would call common courtesy. Since it is impractical to spell out every possible nuance of every guideline, the administrators and moderators of this forum have the authority to creatively respond to a situation by making judgment calls in the moment.

All visitors are assumed to have read and understood these rules before posting.

1. Post in the Appropriate Forum
Please post your topics in the most appropriate forum. If you post a thread that would be more appropriate in another forum, it'll probably be moved for you.

2. Posting Images
Images appearing in messages must not stretch the forum page design. Please refer to this post to learn how to avoid this: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=12980. Image signatures shouldn't exceed 500x100 pixels to avoid horizontal stretching of the forum design and/or using up too much vertical real estate.

3. Advertising your Auction or Product
Messages advertising rare items for sale, auction or trade are generally a welcome sight, but please don't forget that many of the world's foremost twisty puzzle specialists are readers of this forum. It should be obvious that you aren't going to generate much (if any) interest by posting links to auctions or sales for common or inexpensive items. Not only do most readers already own them, they also know full well how to find them if they are interested. Don't post ads anywhere but in the designated forum except when topic flow would benefit from your ad. Don't post duplicate ads. The posting of money making schemes, or anything that is similarly questionable, in the off-topic section is no longer allowed. This brings down the quality of the discussion. Off-topic is designed to be a low volume traffic area to get to know each other better. If you spend the majority of your time posting in off-topic rather than other forums, please question if you really need to be here.

4. Active Auctions
In the spirit of fair play, do not post links to active auctions unless it is your auction. Collectors who have been watching the item will get rather upset if you publicly expose what they hoped was a hidden gem.

5. Quoting Private Communications
Do not directly quote information you have received in a private communication without the permission of the other party. Paraphrase or summarize the information if you decide to share it at all. The other party may be expecting that buffer, and certainly deserves your respect in return for choosing to share that information with you in the first place.

6. Flames, Derogatory Insults and Sarcasm
Flames and other forms of derogatory insults are strictly against the rules. The use of sarcasm is a dangerous grey area that can often have you inadvertently crossing the line because of the emotionally detached quality of written text. Consider using smilies to ensure your mood is understood. If you disagree with another member's point of view, do so in a mature and civil manner. If you find yourself being insulted by another guest or member, please do not dignify that person with a response. Simply notify a moderator so appropriate action may be taken. If you feel you must respond to that person directly, don't degrade the forum further, do it privately. Better yet, be the better person and let it go. Odds are good that it was a misunderstanding in the first place. A member that shows a pattern of hassling or bullying of any other member for whatever reason, contempt, or rudeness will result in account deactivation.

7. Expletives
Suffice it to say that not everyone is comfortable reading swear words. Replacing letters with characters is not an acceptable solution. There are numerous ways of expressing yourself without the use of expletives or the dollar and percent signs. In the event that an inappropriate word finds its way into a message, the forum software will most likely filter it out. Please avoid the temptation to test the filter. Report any post that contains inappropriate language.

8. Threats, Racism, or Sexism
Threats or messages promoting or expressing intolerant views towards minorities (race, religion, sexual preference, etc.) will not be tolerated. This includes all such jokes.

9. Signatures
Signatures may not be used for protesting or for anything that could be considered 'bad will', whether it relates to an onsite or offsite matter. Keeping signature images and text sizes to a sensible size is appreciated.

10. Topic Bumping (Definition: Bumping a topic means to post a reply to a topic that is "old".)
Bumping an old topic is considered bad manners. If a topic is dormant for a period of time, please do not bump it. Instead, create a new topic and link to the old one. Accidental bumpings will have the post removed, and the owner informed/warned. However there are exceptions. If there is a real need to bump a thread, please exercise common sense when looking at the age of the thread and the value of the information to be added. Owners of a thread may bump their own topic if it adds value. Others may bump a topic if there is true value in doing so. A post less than two weeks from the previous post is generally not considered a bump, and posts thereafter become potential bumps depending on the value added.

11. Personal Details
Email addresses or personal member details are not to be used inappropriately and never without the expressed permission of the member. This includes offsite harassment, compiling unsolicited mailing lists, signing members up for invitations to questionable websites (gambling, money making, etc), and other similar uses.

12. Language
If English is your first language, you are expected to watch your spelling, grammar, correct casing etc. We all post mistakes, and this is not a problem. But if you consistently post hard to read text, full of spelling errors, then this needs to be addressed. "I'm a speedtyper" is not an acceptable excuse. Not checking your typing for the sake of speed is considered laziness. Nor is "I'm typing on my phone, iPad, or any other electronic instrument" excusable. The use of chat-room styled language or "chat-speak" is strongly discouraged. This is a mature discussion forum. Please use your best English.

13. Copyright Laws
Please respect the law and do not copy any work unless you have written permission from its owner. In addition, any writings found in this forum belongs to their original owners and may not be copied without permission. Quoting previous forum messages for the purposes of maintaining conversation coherance is an obvious exception to this rule.

14. Knock Off Policy
Knock Off products are unauthorised reproductions or forgeries of existing products. Avoid linking directly to pages of sites selling copies of puzzles that are "protected by their rightful owners". Linking to other pages on the same sites is acceptable so long as it serves the community. If you wish for the purposes of dialogue to provide illustration of a copy of a puzzle that is "protected by the rightful owner", copy the image and attach it to your post. This has the added benefit of ensuring the image will always be visible. Do not advertise sites, sales or auctions for copies of puzzles that are "protected by their rightful owners", unless the rightful owner is doing the selling. Users violating the policy will be warned once or twice as is appropriate with temporary bans of exponentially-increasing length on repeat offenses. To see more about the policy: viewtopic.php?t=12721

15. Content Syndication reserves the right to edit any content contributed to these forums for use in other areas of the site, while giving credit where it is due. If you would prefer that a particular message not be used in this manner, include a simple note at the bottom of the message, "Don't use this information." Pictures, files and other non-textual media appearing in or attached to messages will never be copied unless permission is clearly given by the owner.

16. Legal Stuff
Refer to the Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy documents for full details.

Wayne Johnson (Developer)

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