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 Post subject: Asking for help again with Ultimate Skewb
PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2001 8:32 am 
I would like to ask again if anyone could help me with the solution of this puzzle. I feel very disappointed with this booklet and the reply I got about it. I e-mailed mefferts and they say that "they usually do not provide full solutions as this may spoil the puzzlers fun". Very strange sense of humor. I consider this deceitful propaganda, since they say that they PROVIDE solutions in their website and with the puzzle, and NOT partial solutions.
If anyone could help, I would be very grateful.

 Post subject: Ultimate Skewb solution...
PostPosted: Fri Jun 08, 2001 5:09 am 
First, go to Meffert's solution page for the "Normal" Skewb. Learn that 1st.
There after, things will be easier/similar for the Ultimate Skewb except when it comes to rotating the edges + corners.
OR try Jaap's puzzle page but get ready for a whole load of algorithm which I usually dislike.
MPG's pictorial solution for Ultimate Skewb is more favorable to me.
Anyway, how's the quality of U. Skewb, is it easy to turn, worth the $18 u paid for?

 Post subject: Untitled
PostPosted: Sat Jun 09, 2001 5:09 am 
The quality of U.Skewb is very good. I thought that I could be disappointed with the stickers, but it really surprised me with the HQ.
About the solution, many people said to me to learn the "normal" skewb. But I don´t own a "Normal" Skewb and it doesn´t make sense to buy another puzzle to obtain something (a solution) who should be fully understandable in the first puzzle. I used to play the java puzzles at Meffert´s site, but it seems that that link is not working. (Anyway the normal skewb was the only one java applet there that didn´t worked well; it´s slices were very difficult to turn in the intended way).
The pictorial solution in MPG is the same of the booklet of the puzzle. The Jaap solution (in his page) is not understandable at all. If it had at least one or two pictures to show how he represent his notation, it could be understandable.

Well, my problem is very simple. I can´t follow it from the section 2 to section 3 of that illustrated solution.
Section 2 shows how to rotate 2 equatorial corners (left equatorial corner and right equatorial corner) in allignment with the top (first) edge. Ok, I did that.

Well, where are the algorithm to do it with the other 2 (top) corners around that first(top) edge?

Section 3 starts with:
"Now the top corners are positioned and orientated" (HOW??)
"The bottom corners must also be positioned correctly"
(What?? When bottom corners were subject of an algorithm until now?)

I can´t follow anything after that nonsense.
If someone really understood what I said, and if someone already followed that booklet, please help.

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